Simple and Sporty Welica WSX-500


If this camera was a human being, it would be a “voluptuous woman”…and for only 10 Euros!

Well, I tried but could not find any information worthy of the name on this machine (anyone who wants to, is free to give me news). So consider this an incomplete appreciation mission of the Welica WSX-500. This fine name, as I was been told, comes from the Hawaiian and can be translated as “voluptuous woman". In fact this machine calls the attention among so many others, but if I had to classify, it would not be voluptuous and sensual. I think I would rate it as sports and athletic as it is not too heavy, smooth on its moves and is simple enough… and happy!

My girlfriend found it in the typical flea fair where we find relics of the analog (sometimes). It isn’t as lightweight as my Diana F+ nor the options of the LC-A. It’s a machine that is limited in some respects but amazing in others. But there is not much to say about it. Its black tone is contrasted with the beautiful colors that meet the speed and number of openings. We have at our disposal only two shutter speeds (60 and 125), a f = 50mm 1:6.3 lens, and four aperture options ranging from f/6.3 to f/16. The numbers of apertures and speed look like a rainbow. To choose the aperture that we want to use, we simply place the lens in the drawings (sunny, cloudy, etc.). As there are no numbers that represent the apertures of a camera, Welica will be your first and good practical guide. This is because when we run to put the lens in the aperture we desire, it will stir up much as the number and the drawing. In another words, if I want to shoot on a sunny day, I point the lens to the symbol/drawing of a “sun” and at the same time, it will point to the number that corresponds to the aperture (in this case the “sun” = f/16). It seems that a good toy to start taking some photos, and the results are not so bad either.

Another thing that surprised me was the ability to attach the Diana F+ flash, as the camera has a hotshoe. It was the first time I bought a cheap camera that hosts the Flash Diana smoothly. But this is a conversation for another time.

Apart from the inability to focus, it’s a skillful girl. Here are some photos from this camera:

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  1. aroninvt
    aroninvt ·

    Even though I could be wrong, I believe this is another version of the Lavec L1200. (see also Time Magazine camera) It would appear that it has the same lens as the "Time Magazine" camera, complete with same fonts and symbols for sunny, cloudy, very cloudy. The body is a little different but has the same film rewind knob as the Lavec. Lavec was from Taiwan and in the 1980's made millions of these cameras under a number of different names, so this very well could be one of them. They are especially interesting to toy camera enthusiasts because of their 50mm glass lens (most "toy" cameras have a plastic lens). Either way, have a blast with it!

  2. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    cute camera. Oops, no attached sample fotos..<:)

  3. sprofishgel
    sprofishgel ·

    @ wuxiong: I don´t understand why there is no photos. You´ll have to check my latest album.

  4. plasticpopsicle
    plasticpopsicle ·

    Hello everyone! The image gallery for this review has just been fixed! You should be able to see the images now. Sorry for the trouble!

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