Why participate?

Lomography competitions give you the opportunity to win glittering prizes, scoop up shop vouchers, earn some exposure, gain everlasting fame on our website and in our magazine – and even just an excuse to get excited, and show off your best shots. Additionally, all competitions now serve as qualifying rounds to enter our Ten and One - Annual Lomography Awards

What are our categories?

What are our categories?

  • Action Photography: The Adrenaline Junkies Award
  • Black & White: The Monochrome Award
  • Documentary & Travel Series: The Breaking Boundaries Award
  • Experimental Photography: The Trial & Error Award
  • Instant Photography: The Now or Never Award
  • Nature Photography: The Off The Grid Award
  • New Perspectives: The Game Changers Award
  • Portraiture: The Human Stories Award
  • Street Photography: The Urban Explorers Award
  • Moving Image: The Cinematics Award

Finally, every year we will add one special category to this list, that will change every year. For 2016, it is:

  • Identity and Migration

How can I join?

If you have a Lomohome, any picture from it can be uploaded directly from your Lomohome archive to the Competition post. If you don’t have a Lomohome yet, don’t worry – you can register for one here or submit a photo without registering, via email! We are also working on a submission system that will make it easier to submit in future rounds.

What can I win?

We’re preparing a huge mountain of prizes for this year, worth over 20K! Up for grabs: a one week residency at the Lomography HQ, the finest Lomography cameras, and on-going supply of film for a year, additional shop vouchers, and much, much more.

How does the voting work?

Our jury panel will include a selection of trusted Lomographers from the community, some very special guests from the photo industry and press, as well as members of our own staff. They will be pouring through every single submission, and will collectively select favourites. From this pool, the final winners will be chosen through an internal discussion between the judges!

Ongoing Competitions

  • Game Changers: LomoMission: Frame Zero

    100 Submissions · In Progress ·
    LomoMission: Frame Zero

    What others call a flaw, lomographers regard as another delightful surprise. For this LomoMission, first frame of film rolls taken over by unexpected light leaks is what we're looking for.

  • Compétition : Festival Woodstower 2017 x Lomography

    125 Submissions · In Progress ·
    Compétition : Festival Woodstower 2017 x Lomography

    This month, you have the opportunity to participate in a competition to win two passes for Woodstower Festival 2017 (Lyon). The theme of the competition is "espaces ou-verts", to inspire all the lomographers to take pictures of open green spaces and win a Color Splash Camera !

  • Trial and Error: Pieta Brown x Lomography: In The Light of Visual Music

    191 Submissions · In Progress ·
    Pieta Brown x Lomography: In The Light of Visual Music

    Lomography and musician Pieta Brown are teaming up for a competition inspired by her song "In The Light". Pieta will incorporate submissions in the official video for the song "In The Light (with Calexico)" from her recent album of collaborations, Postcards (March 2017, LUSTRE RECORDS).

  • Trial and Error: Magnum Photos X Lomography: A 70th Anniversary Competition

    749 Submissions · In Progress ·
    Magnum Photos X Lomography: A 70th Anniversary Competition

    Magnum Photos has partnered with Plinth to produce a range of unique merchandise to celebrate Magnum's 70th anniversary. Enter this fabulous competition to win the full range of special merchandise and a Lomo'Instant Lake Tahoe Edition.

  • Breaking Boundaries: Lomography X Sherwood Festival

    117 Submissions · In Progress ·
    Lomography X Sherwood Festival

    We are excited to team up with Sherwood Festival for a rumble. Show us your talent and try to win festival tickets, a Sprocket Rocket and a Diana F+!

  • Trial and Error: The World Through a Prism

    218 Submissions · In Progress ·
    The World Through a Prism

    Bend light to a rainbow, create clones, or harness a ghostly haze. Show us the cool photography effects one can get from using prism.

  • Adrenaline Junkies: Street Surfing

    209 Submissions · In Progress ·
    Street Surfing

    We want to feel the adrenaline rush and freedom brought by skateboarding through your fantastic lomographs. Whether you consider it as a sport, a recreational activity, or a means of transportation, we want to know if skateboarding and film photography will do well as a fun-filled, energetic duo!

  • Breaking Boundaries: Culinary Adventure

    521 Submissions · In Progress ·
    Culinary Adventure

    When traveling, sampling local dishes is an adventure in itself. Tickle our sense with scrumptious photographs of local dishes from across the globe.

  • Game Changers: Sketches

    162 Submissions · In Progress ·

    Add another layer of meaning or a playful touch to your photograph by drawing over them.

  • Instant: Great Outdoors

    731 Submissions · In Progress ·
    Great Outdoors

    Adventure awaits in the great outdoors! On your next trip, don't forget to take your trusty instant cameras and take home a piece of the view with you.

  • Urban Explorers: Centerstage

    486 Submissions · In Progress ·

    The world is a stage. From this challenge, we're looking for photographs of passionate performers who takes the centerstage on busy intersections and sidewalks.

  • Human Stories: Panoramic Portraits

    485 Submissions · In Progress ·
    Panoramic Portraits

    Panorama is synonymous to scenic views. For this competition, we challenge you to break the rules and use this unconventional format to create a compelling portrait.

  • Monochrome: People Watching

    1,254 Submissions · In Progress ·
    People Watching

    Channel your inner Henri Cartier-Bresson and capture the elusive "decisive moment" in black and white photograph.

  • Off the Grid: At the Top of the World

    732 Submissions · In Progress ·
    At the Top of the World

    Climbing a mountain is no easy task. But hours of sweat and slippery slope are all worth it once you've reached the peak. For this challenge, showcase the breathtaking scenes that await on the summit.

  • Breaking Boundaries: ONA x Lomography: In A New Light

    546 Submissions · In Progress ·
    ONA x Lomography: In A New Light

    Lomography and ONA are teaming up for a competition to inspire Lomographers to see the world in a new light for the chance to win an amazing, adventure-ready Bond Street Bag by ONA filled with a Lomography camera, film, and accessories.