Why participate?

Lomography competitions give you the opportunity to win glittering prizes, scoop up shop vouchers, earn some exposure, gain everlasting fame on our website and in our magazine – and even just an excuse to get excited, and show off your best shots. Additionally, all competitions now serve as qualifying rounds to enter our Ten and One - Annual Lomography Awards

What are our categories?

What are our categories?

  • Action Photography: The Adrenaline Junkies Award
  • Black & White: The Monochrome Award
  • Documentary & Travel Series: The Breaking Boundaries Award
  • Experimental Photography: The Trial & Error Award
  • Instant Photography: The Now or Never Award
  • Nature Photography: The Off The Grid Award
  • New Perspectives: The Game Changers Award
  • Portraiture: The Human Stories Award
  • Street Photography: The Urban Explorers Award
  • Moving Image: The Cinematics Award

Finally, every year we will add one special category to this list, that will change every year. For 2016, it is:

  • Identity and Migration

How can I join?

If you have a Lomohome, any picture from it can be uploaded directly from your Lomohome archive to the Competition post. If you don’t have a Lomohome yet, don’t worry – you can register for one here or submit a photo without registering, via email! We are also working on a submission system that will make it easier to submit in future rounds.

What can I win?

We’re preparing a huge mountain of prizes for this year, worth over 20K! Up for grabs: a one week residency at the Lomography HQ, the finest Lomography cameras, and on-going supply of film for a year, additional shop vouchers, and much, much more.

How does the voting work?

Our jury panel will include a selection of trusted Lomographers from the community, some very special guests from the photo industry and press, as well as members of our own staff. They will be pouring through every single submission, and will collectively select favourites. From this pool, the final winners will be chosen through an internal discussion between the judges!

Ongoing Competitions

  • Human Stories: Lomography x Le Castor Astral: Let's get jazzy

    103 Submissions · In Progress ·
    Lomography x Le Castor Astral: Let's get jazzy

    Le Castor Astral and Lomography are glad to invite you to a musical competition. To win wonderful gifts, join our analog competition around the theme "Let's get jazzy". Upload limit: 5 photos per user. Film/Camera Type: Any analog camera and film or Art Lenses(no digital manipulations). Please note that you have to live in France to join the competition. Timeline: from the 3rd of January to the 3rd of February 2017.

  • Trial and Error: Color Explosion

    336 Submissions · In Progress ·
    Color Explosion

    It's not everyday that you get to see fireworks light up the sky. Test your skills at capturing these extravagant displays!

  • Monochrome: Granularity

    1,714 Submissions · In Progress ·

    Prove that visible grains can be used to create aesthetically pleasing photographs.

  • Off the Grid: New Beginnings

    1,197 Submissions · In Progress ·
    New Beginnings

    New year equates to new opportunities. How does Mother Earth celebrates new beginnings?

  • Instant: Sunday Blues

    815 Submissions · In Progress ·
    Sunday Blues

    What's your idea of a lazy Sunday?

  • Adrenaline Junkies: School Break

    599 Submissions · In Progress ·
    School Break

    Skipping ropes, climbing trees, and beating each other at hopscotch, what are the games played by little kids nowadays?

  • Human Stories: We are Family

    480 Submissions · In Progress ·
    We are Family

    Gather your loved ones for a quick group photo as you welcome the brand new year!

  • Urban Explorers: Winter in the City

    912 Submissions · In Progress ·
    Winter in the City

    Show us the changes the happen in the urban jungle once the cold winds of winter set in.

  • Game Changers: Lost and Found

    565 Submissions · In Progress ·
    Lost and Found

    One man's thrash is another man's treasure. Show us the lives of others through the things they discard.

  • Breaking Boundaries: Celebrating New Year

    208 Submissions · In Progress ·
    Celebrating New Year

    From watching grandiose fireworks display to performing symbolic dances, showcase how various culture welcome the arrival of a brand new year.

  • Breaking Boundaries: Lomography X eslite spectrum Hong Kong: The Life of Reading (Limited to Hong Kong only)

    158 Submissions · In Progress ·
    Lomography X eslite spectrum Hong Kong: The Life of Reading (Limited to Hong Kong only)

    Lomography teamed up with eslite spectrum Hong Kong for "The Life of Reading" analogue photography competition. The competition encourages us to think about the relationship between life and reading, and express your thoughts on it through film photography.

  • Human Stories: The Radical Eye: Modernist Photography from the Sir Elton John Collection Competition

    530 Submissions · In Progress ·
    The Radical Eye: Modernist Photography from the Sir Elton John Collection Competition

    Lomography has teamed up with Tate Modern to offer tickets to see The Radical Eye: Modernist Photography from the Sir Elton John Collection & an exhibition catalogue. Sir Elton has one of the most extensive private photography collections with works from Man Ray, Imogen Cunningham & Dorothea Lange.