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  • Human Stories: PinholeWorldDay 2017 Contest

    159 Submissions · Finished ·
    PinholeWorldDay 2017 Contest

    This month marks the "International Pinhole Day", one of our great Lomographic passions. To celebrate, we want you to share with us your best photographs made with this technique. Find the details below!

  • Instant: Lomo'Instant Automat Tips and Tricks

    156 Submissions · Finished ·
    Lomo'Instant Automat Tips and Tricks

    Which among the Lomo'Instant Automat's creative features suit your shooting style the most? Show us how you apply it on photographing your daily adventures!

  • Breaking Boundaries: The Great Student Photography Competition

    595 Submissions · Finished ·
    The Great Student Photography Competition

    Are you a young photographer or a student of photography? In celebration of Youth Art Month, we invite you to share your photographs for the chance to win an exhibition at the Lomography Gallery Store in New York City, in the heart of historic Greenwich Village.

  • Trial and Error: Burning Sun

    1,520 Submissions · Finished ·
    Burning Sun

    For this "Trial and Error" challenge, overexposure is the name of the game. Pull the film up to two or three stops (if you're feeling bold!) for extra boost of sunshine. Or add dazzling atmosphere to your photographs with (accidental or intentional) light leaks.

  • Game Changers: Through Windows

    1,515 Submissions · Finished ·
    Through Windows

    Turn your lenses on windows and how they can be use to create compelling images.

  • Monochrome: Wabi-sabi

    1,831 Submissions · Finished ·

    Apply the concept of "wabi-sabi" to your black and white photographs.

  • Off the Grid: Hidden Waters

    1,350 Submissions · Finished ·
    Hidden Waters

    Turn your lenses on small bodies of water and their pristine beauty.

  • Adrenaline Junkies: Be Like A Ninja

    214 Submissions · Finished ·
    Be Like A Ninja

    Thrill us with your photographs featuring fearless parkour and free running experts.

  • Adrenaline Junkies: Anthony Burrill x Lomography Competition

    509 Submissions · Finished ·
    Anthony Burrill x Lomography Competition

    UK Based graphic artist and printmaker Anthony Burrill uses letterpress and screenprinting techniques to make striking posters and images. We've teamed up with Anthony to offer YOU the chance to win his brand new book "Make It Now", a poster of his work and a La Sardina DIY to get creative with.

  • Urban Explorers: Urban Green Spaces

    1,208 Submissions · Finished ·
    Urban Green Spaces

    For this competition, we're looking for photographs of flourishing plants and flowers within the concrete jungle.

  • Instant: Still Life

    906 Submissions · Finished ·
    Still Life

    Show us the poetry in the mundane through your still life photographs taken with an instant camera.

  • Breaking Boundaries: Roadside Attractions

    781 Submissions · Finished ·
    Roadside Attractions

    Show us the best, too-weird-to-be-true roadside attraction you've seen on your travels.

  • Human Stories: Young Hearts

    706 Submissions · Finished ·
    Young Hearts

    Take us back to the moment you first fell in love through your enigmatic portraits.

  • Game Changers: Lomography x Wombat: to See the World Another Way competition

    477 Submissions · Finished ·
    Lomography x Wombat: to See the World Another Way competition

    Wombat’s mission is to see the world another way. Since we're sharing the same philosophy about both life and photography, it was an evidence: we should offer you a photo competition. Theme: see the world another way. Competition Rules: 7 submissions with tags (camera, film, lens...).

  • Trial and Error: LomoMission: Alternative Route

    478 Submissions · Finished ·
    LomoMission: Alternative Route

    For this LomoMission, we're bringing the spotlight to alternative photography processes.

  • Trial and Error: Cloud Nothings x Lomography: Life Without Sound

    764 Submissions · Finished ·
    Cloud Nothings x Lomography: Life Without Sound

    Lomography is teaming up with Cloud Nothings for a photography competition to celebrate the release of their fourth album, Life Without Sound. We're looking for photographs which exemplify the spirit of Life Without Sound – photos that tell stories about rebirth, self-discovery, and evolution.

  • Trial and Error: Color Shifts

    1,508 Submissions · Finished ·
    Color Shifts

    Take us to extraordinary wonderlands that are only accessible through experimental films.

  • Urban Explorers: The City Never Sleeps

    1,140 Submissions · Finished ·
    The City Never Sleeps

    Put the spotlight on the city and its other side that surfaces once the sun goes down.

  • Adrenaline Junkies: Put on Your Dancing Shoes

    301 Submissions · Finished ·
    Put on Your Dancing Shoes

    Show us the grooves and moves of passionate performers lost in the rhythm of the moment.

  • Off the Grid: Calm Before the Storm

    771 Submissions · Finished ·
    Calm Before the Storm

    How does nature warn us before an impending storm strikes?