The LOMO LC-A is Conceived

So this is how it all started – General Igor Petrowitsch Kornitzky, right-hand man to the USSR Minister of Defense and Industry, slammed a little Japanese compact camera called the Cosina CX-1 onto the desk of his comrade, Michail Panfilowitsch Panfiloff. Panfiloff, who was the Director of the powerful LOMO Russian Arms and Optical factory, carefully examined the item, observing its sharp glass lens, extremely high light sensitivity and robust casing.

Realizing its potential, the two gentlemen gave orders to the LOMO PLC factory in St. Petersburg, Russia, to create an improved version of the Cosina CX-1 – and the first working sample of the LOMO LC-A was born!


The LC-A goes into Mass Production

In 1984, the LOMO LC-A began mass-production, with 1200 people working on the camera. Starting at 1100 units per month for the Russian market, the camera’s popularity soon spread to then Communist countries such as Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Cuba.


Discovery! The LC-A takes a trip to Vienna

While touring Prague, a group of young Viennese students stumbled upon the LOMO LC-A in a quirky, old-school camera shop, and started shooting from the hip. Upon returning to Vienna, they had their film rolls developed, resulting in strangely beautiful images. Soon the questions started coming from friends, family and strangers – they wanted their own LC-A cameras!


The Official Birth of the Lomographic Society International

Interest in the mysterious Soviet jewel was rapidly growing and the Lomography founders resorted to carrying out daring backpack raids to Russia in order to satisfy the demand for more and more of these fantastic LOMO LC-A cameras.

It was in 1992 that the decision was finally made to found the Lomographic Society International (LSI). During the summer, the legendary “10 Golden Rules of Lomography” were written and later published in the “Wiener Zeitung” newspaper along with the revolutionary “Lomography Manifesto” on November 5th. Shortly after this, the Vienna City Council provided the LSI with an empty house on Breitegasse in the city’s 7th district, which would soon act as a base for all Lomographic operations! It was here that the very first Lomography exhibition was held. At the exhibition, 700 LOMO LC-As were sold and one of Lomography’s most defining features was born – the LomoWall!


Lomography goes Online, an NYC vs Moscow Exhibition and the first Lomography Embassy

In 1994, Lomography invaded the world wide web by launching lomo.com. It was also in this year that a momentous Lomographic exhibition was simultaneously held in New York City and Moscow, with massive LomoWalls gracing each city, showcasing colorful Lomographs from the other. Soon, the first Lomography Embassy Store was established in Berlin.


Securing the Future of the LOMO LC-A

With the LOMO LC-A’s popularity continuing to rise, the biggest challenge so far for Lomography arose – the Russian manufacturers of the camera decided to stop its production. But the Lomographic founders bravely scooted to the LOMO Optics factory in Russia and successfully convinced the factory honchos and Mayor of Saint Petersburg to continue with the LC-A production!


The First Lomography World Congress is held in Madrid

Relaunching lomo.com as lomography.com, the new website introduced a product shop, community interaction, special projects, activities and services, plus the WorldArchive, which displayed a collection of amazing Lomographs from different places across the globe.

Also in 1997, the first Lomographic World Congress was held in Madrid and boasted a LomoWall of over 120 meters – it consisted of more than 35,000 analogue photos!


The Actionsampler launches at Photokina

In 1998, we launched the 4-lensed Actionsampler at Photokina – the largest photography convention in the world. The strange-looking plastic camera takes four sequential images in one 35mm photograph and was an instant worldwide hit!


The Supersampler is unveiled and new Website Community Functions are Launched

Designed, manufactured and patented by Lomography, the Supersampler was launched in 2000 and emerged as the “Queen of all Multilens Cameras.” The revolutionary camera takes four sequential images in one 35mm photograph.

Among the new community functions launched on lomography.com were LomoHomes — a space for the Lomography community to store all of their analogue photos and make their very own LomoWalls!


The First Lomography Store Opens

The very first Lomography shop in the world opened in Vienna in 2001. The store featured walls decked with Lomographs (LomoWalls), a wide range of innovative products from all over the world and the full line-up of Lomographic items. It also hosted analogue workshops and other activities that catered to the flourishing Lomography community.


The 10th Anniversary Lomography World Congress in Vienna

In 2002, Vienna hosted the 10th Anniversary Lomography World Congress which was a grand party and showcased beautiful Lomographic shots from across the globe.


Lomography Fashion makes its Entrance

In 2003, we introduced the Sidekick TPE bag – designed to hold cameras, films and even a small laptop. This launch kick-started our line of fashion items which now includes T-shirts, tote bags, camera bags and accessories.


The Lomography World Congress in China and the biggest LomoWall ever!

In 2004, we installed the biggest LomoWall to date during the Lomography World Congress in China. For one whole week, Beijing was bursting with shiny analogue photos and tons of exciting activities!


The Fisheye Camera is Launched

2005 was the year we introduced a breakthrough in photography with the world’s first compact Fisheye camera. Yielding nearly 180-degrees of circular Fisheye distortion in a 35mm photograph, the Fisheye One offered the easiest and most convenient way to take Fisheye photos!


The Legendary LC-A+ enters the Lomography World

In 2006, we introduced the LOMO LC-A+. The LC-A+ offers the same endearing qualities of the original LOMO LC-A – sharp contrast, deep saturation and the trademark vignetting – while also adding more exciting features such as a multiple-exposure switch and the option to use newly-developed LC-A+ accessories!


The Diana+ Launches, a White Stripes Collaboration and the London World Congress

In 2007, the Diana+ was born. Whilst it looks like a faithful reproduction of the 1960s medium-format classic Diana camera, the Diana+ is no mere replica, it also has enhanced features to offer brand new and exciting creative options.

The year also saw the opening of Lomography Gallery Stores in Hong Kong, Paris and Seoul, the World Congress in London and our collaboration with the White Stripes on limited edition Jack Holga and Meg Diana+ cameras.


The Lubitel+ Launches plus brand new Redscale and X-Pro Films

In 2008, we launched the Lubitel+ – this is our pimped-up version of the twin-lensed classic Lubitel camera. The Lubitel offers the capability to switch between 120 and 35mm film and aperture/shutter guides.

Two photographic techniques – cross processing and redscaling – were made easier with the introduction of the very first Lomography films – the Lomography X-Pro film and Lomography Redscale film.


The Diana Mini Lands and the LOMO LC-A celebrates its 25th Anniversary

2009 was the year we launched everyone’s favorite miniature Queen, the Diana Mini. With a design modeled on her older sister, the Diana F+, the Mini shoots 35mm film and allows you to pick between shooting 36 square shots or 72 half-frame shots on a single film.

There was also more Diana-based news to come. The international exhibition, the Diana World Tour, set sail this year, with the aim of sharing the very best vignetted square-shots and great parties with Lomographers across the globe. Finally, we saw the Diana+ go instant with the launch of the Diana Instant Back+.

We celebrated the iconic LOMO LC-A+ camera that started it all, with the release of the LC-A+ 25th Anniversary and a South Korean-designed “No Nukes” limited editions!

The Lomography website was re-launched again, with brand-new features and an improved online experience for our expanding global community! We also launched localized versions of the website for Canada, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, China, the UK and Italy, as well as opening nine new gallery stores worldwide!


"10 Prophecies for the Analogue Future" at Photokina, plus the Sprocket Rocket and Spinner 360° Launch

2010 will be remembered as the year Lomography ensured that the future would remain analogue once and for all! We took the Cologne Photokina by storm yet again, spreading analogue love and announcing our 10 Prophecies for the Analogue Future!

The revolutionary Spinner 360° was launched and was quickly awarded the European Consumers Choice Award! We then unleashed the time-travelling Sprocket Rocket in October, the first analogue camera dedicated entirely to sprockets!

We also set about ensuring that the future was on film by producing more of our own! We released a whole range of 120 and 35mm format films including special redscale and X-Pro films.

In celebration of the LOMO LC-A that started the Lomographic movement, two limited editions were created: the LC-A+ White & the LC-A+ Gold. Also in this year, 10 groups of film-fanatics from around the world teamed up to join the great LC-A Race – a race from the four corners of the globe back to Lomography headquarters in Vienna, armed only with a GPS, a notebook and an LC-A+ camera!


The Lomography Times Square Exhibition and tons of New Releases

In 2011, the people of Hong Kong celebrated everything analogue with the incredible Lomography Times Square Exhibition. Over 100,000 people turned up to discover and explore an enormous LomoWorldMap made up of thousands of Lomographic pictures and a collection of four giant, interactive cameras including the Sprocket Rocket, Diana F+, Fisheye No.2 and a Lubitel 166+. It was at this exhibition that we announced the launch of the brand-new Hong Kong City Guide and a special edition White Sprocket Rocket to celebrate the event!

In May, we unleashed the world’s widest compact camera, the Lomo LC-Wide; the latest innovation in the LOMO legacy. Featuring a newly developed 17mm Minigon 1 Ultra-Wide-Angle lens, soon Lomographers were head-over-heels in love with our latest member of the LC-A family.

Following in June was the lovable La Sardina camera which featured a brand-new Lomographic flash, Fritz the Blitz. With a wide-angle lens and shooting easy-to-find 35mm film, the La Sardina attracted a whole bunch of newcomers to Lomographic fun.

In July, we spread the analogue love further with the launch of the limited edition LC-A+ Russia Day. We also made a big step in securing the future of film with the release of our brand-new Earl Grey and Lady Grey B&W films.

In November, we launched one of the most exciting innovations of the year – the world’s first Lomographic movie camera – the LomoKino – adding a whole new dimension to analogue photography.


20 Years of Lomography, 110 Film Returns and a huge Analogue vs Digital Survey

2012 was a hugely exciting year for all things Lomography. We launched a whole host of exciting cameras and started a big celebration for our 20th anniversary.

To start with, we announced that Lomography was re-introducing 110 film to the world! This film format had been out of production since 2009 and it was a pleasure to bring it back in style with the launches of Orca B&W 110 film and Tiger CN 110. We then followed this up by producing our very first 110 format cameras, the Fisheye Baby 110 and Diana Baby 110 (you can find out more about them on our dedicated 110 photography site).

In September, we demonstrated our ever-inquisitive nature by producing a huge survey about how the worlds of analogue and digital are involved in Lomographers’ lives. The survey was answered by over 5000 people from 82 countries and produced some very interesting results. You can view the data as an infographic on our Analogue vs Digital site.

We left what many would say was the biggest and best news of the year until October. It was in this month that we announced the launch of the Belair X 6-12, the world’s first medium format 6×12 auto-exposure camera.

And if all this wasn’t quite enough, it also happened to be the year when we reached the ripe old age of 20! That’s right, Lomography started all the way back in 1992 – we celebrated our anniversary by taking a look back at some of our favorite memories on our 20th Anniversary Site.


The New Petzval Lens is (Re)invented, plus the Konstruktor and LomoChrome Purple Film are Unveiled

2013 started with a big bang. By the end of January, we had already launched two products. Firstly, we began our first ever Kickstarter campaign with the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner, which offers an easy way for you to digitize analogue photos.

Then, within only a few weeks, we unveiled LomoChrome Purple Film. Available in both 35mm and 120 formats, with this film you can transform green tones into bright purples; it gives a similar look to the legendary Kodak Aerochrome film and was a sure-fire hit with the entire Lomographic community.

Fast-forward to April and we celebrated the first ever Film Photography Day. Film enthusiasts from all over the world came together on April 12th to party, shoot, meet and generally celebrate film photography in all its forms.

In summer, we had two further launches to enjoy. First came the Konstruktor, the world’s first 35mm do-it-yourself SLR camera.

Then in July we had another Kickstarter campaign, this time to reinvent the legendary Petzval Lens. The Lomography New Petzval Lens gives the classic look of old Petzval lenses but allows you to now get this on modern day Canon EF and Nikon F cameras (and other cameras using adapter mounts). The Kickstarter campaign was a tremendous success and reached its funding goal in less than 24 hours.

As if that wasn’t enough new products for one year, in October the Experimental Lens Kit launched, which works with all Micro 4/3 digital cameras and gives photographers the opportunity to shoot real optical multiple exposures and color-splash photos with three different lenses.


The Lomography Instant Family and Art Lens Family Expand! Plus brand new Film Launches

In the first half of 2014, three new instant cameras were launched. The LC-A+ Instant Camera and Belair X 6-12 Instant Camera turned the iconic LC-A+ and Belair X 6-12 into instant snap-shooters. Then in May came the Lomo’Instant, Lomography’s first dedicated instant camera and the world’s most creative instant camera! It was our 3rd consecutive successful Kickstarter campaign and made Lomography the first company to ever have 2 projects raise over $1 million in the Product Design category of Kickstarter.

During the year, we also launched the New Russar+ Lens (L36/M Mount), which expands the Lomography Art Lens family. The New Russar+ is a rebirth of the legendary 1958 Russar MR-2, which was the mother of all modern super wide-angle lenses. With the New Russar+, you can shoot sharp wide-angle photos bursting with wonderful character. It’s perfect for capturing landscapes, architectural shots, portraits and street photography.

In August, we celebrated a year since we first unveiled the New Petzval Lens by holding the first ever dedicated Petzval competition and displaying the best photos taken with the New Petzval in Lomography Gallery Stores around the world. To coincide with Film Photography Day earlier in the year, we also held two ‘Search For Analogue Stars’ competitions in order to find the very best photographers shooting film in the 21st century.

We also had a bunch of exciting film launches during the year. In July, we unveiled to the world Cine200 Tungsten Film; it’s a real cinematic film which has been specially altered to enable it to be used on 35mm photographic cameras. Having sold out in a matter of days, we were thrilled to be able to offer its follow-up, the 400 ISO Cine400 Tungsten Film, in October. And our film fun was not done yet. Later in October, LomoChrome Turquoise XR 100-400 Color Negative Film was launched. This film works similarly to LomoChrome Purple Film but offers brand new, crazy and fun color shifts to enjoy. It bathes your photos in lustrous tones – turning lighter colors into varying shades of blues from aqua to cobalt, transforming greens into deep emerald shades and changing a crystal clear sea into a golden hue.


The All New Lomography Community Site

In 2015 so far, we are extremely excited to have launched the brand new Lomography Community Site! The site has been totally redesigned and is fully optimized for all screen sizes. We talked with thousands of Lomography community members about the most wished-for new features and improvements for the site. The new site allows you to browse over 12,000,000 photos, read over 50,000 magazine articles and connect with over 1 million talented Lomographers from the world!


The World’s First Optic Lens Reinvented, an Instant Unlike Any Other and the TEN AND ONE Annual Lomography Photo Award

In April 2016, we launched a brand new addition to the ever-expanding Lomography Art Lens family. Inspired by the lens that gave the world practical photography, the Daguerreotype Achromat 2.9/64 Art Lens is perfect for shooting rich, atmospheric images with beautiful bokeh backgrounds. Our brand new Art Lens was successfully funded on Kickstarter in just four hours – we could not have asked for a better response!

Hugely inspired by the support for the Daguerreotype Achromat, August 2016 saw us return to Kickstarter to launch an instant camera unlike any other. Fully automatic, jam-packed with creative features and super easy to use, the Lomo’Instant Automat lets you take perfectly-exposed pictures in any and every lighting situation. Our brand new instant innovation was a huge success, and received excellent reviews from around the world.

We were super excited to take our two brand new inventions to Photokina, the world’s leading trade fair for photo and video. We had tons of fun at our booth holding a live instant competition, hosting exhibitions, chatting to visitors, and letting people try out the very latest Lomography products. We were thrilled that so many people came to see us and loved our products!

Competitions celebrating the great photography produced by our talented Community have always been at the heart of Lomography, and that’s why we decided to launch the TEN AND ONE Annual Lomography Photo Award. Lomographers are challenged to explore the fringes of photography, think outside the box, and enter their best shots into 11 different categories including “Urban Explorers” and “Breaking Boundaries”. The winners of each category then qualify for the TEN AND ONE Annual Lomography Photo Award. In 2016 we received tons of inspirational entries and we were delighted to award the winner over 20,000 EUR worth of prizes at the end of the year!


Celebrating 25 Years of Lomography with Exciting Exhibitions, Creative Cameras and Heaps More!

Back in 2017, we turned 25 — and partied all year long! We curated the biggest LomoWall exhibition in history, collaborating with millions of creatives across the globe to bring countries, cultures and people together with the longest series of LomoWalls ever constructed. We threw crazy parties in Lomography Gallery Stores all over the world, showering our lovely Lomographers with special exhibitions, wonderful workshops and delicious cocktails.

And that’s not all! We rocketed back onto Kickstarter with two brand new inventions. Our brilliant backers helped us to create the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System, a handcrafted system with a collection of interchangeable front lenses for unlimited creative possibilities; and the Lomo’Instant Square Glass, the world’s first fully analogue camera for Instax square film.

We didn’t stop there though. We created a rockin’ retro version of the Diana F+ to celebrate 10 years of daring Diana adventures, a gorgeous chrome-plated version of the Daguerreotype Achromat 2.9/64 Art Lens, and poured the purple back into the photographic ocean with new and improved LomoChrome Purple Film.

Topping it all off, we brought the world bolder, sharper instant masterpieces than ever before with the Lomo’Instant Automat Glass Magellan and Cabo Verde editions — and gave in to wanderlust with the Lomo’Instant Murano, Panama, Yangon, and Oxford editions.

And now, you can share your memories with your followers instantly through our new Lomo’Instant App! Our marvelous Community have racked up an incredible 69 million likes so far — create a LomoHome and join the fun. Once you’re a member you can enter the TEN AND ONE Annual Lomography Photo Awards — last year, we received over 164,000 entries!


Iconic Instant Creations and Our Lomography Community at Large

2018 was a wonderful year to be a Lomographer, with our new additions to the analogue family truly taking things up a notch.

In June we launched the Diana Instant Square on Kickstarter, bringing the iconic, lusciously lo-fi Diana aesthetic to instant square format film. Named the most versatile instant camera ever by DigitalRev, we reached our Kickstarter goal in just over 24 hours, encouraging Lomographers to loosen up and embrace imperfection in all of its mesmerizing beauty.

As the year drew to a close we welcomed the Berlin Kino film into the fold. Inspired by the legendary New German Cinema movement, this black and white emulsion casted delicate grain and soft tones, immortalizing every snap in an enchanting cinematic monochrome.

But that wasn’t all! We allowed our adventurous spirit to run wild with the Lomo’Instant Automat Glass (Elbrus Edition), we celebrated the 25th anniversary of Lomo LC-A with some very special editions, we were hypnotised by the beguiling color negative F² 120 film, turned heads with the shimmering Fisheye No.1 Caspian and packed our bags ready for an adventure with the Lomo Instant Mini Explorer. If that wasn’t enough, we plunged into aquamarine hues with the Sprocket Rocket Teal and the Lomo’Instant Automat (Riviera Edition).

Finally we launched #HeyLomography which has amassed an incredible selection of Lomographers photos showcasing creativity and limitless imagination. Remember to share your shots on social media with this hashtag for a chance to be featured on our channels!


The Year for Film – From Beautiful Black and White to Muted Tones and Pure Purple Playfulness

Our long standing and light-headed love affair with Film reached new and dizzy heights. We fell in love with the romance of monochrome, launching the Potsdam Kino film in January, followed by the 2019 formula of our beloved Berlin Kino film in October. But we also dedicated ourselves to the creation of experimental, artistic color emulsions. We introduced two LomoChrome films in July. First came the third edition of our knock-out LomoChrome purple film, accompanied by the brand new LomoChrome Metropolis – the first new color negative film in over 5 years whose muted colors and stand out contrasts were successfully funded on Kickstarter.

Not forgetting our cherished cameras, we began by adding two new editions to the La Sardina family: the La Sardina Fitzroy, a stunning primary-colored addition designed by illustrator Ale Giorgini, and the La Sardina Delaunay featuring striking art from the artist Robert Delaunay, as part of a collaboration with the Thyssen Museum in Madrid. We introduced the pocket-sized Diana Mini Picnic, perfect to take with you anywhere and added another string to our lens bow with the Lomogon Art Lens. This lens maintains all the colors, saturation, and character we’re known for, but with unrivalled resolution, gorgeous optic quality, perfectly circular bokeh, and trailblazing precision.

The snow cleared, the flowers sprung from the earth and spring brought some more exciting developments. We introduced the New Petzval 55 mm f/1.7 Bokeh Control Art Lens, designed specifically for the ever growing full-frame mirrorless systems. We held the second edition of our residency week in May, welcoming 11 talented Lomographers from all around the world, who were among the winners of our Lomography Annual Photography Awards: the TEN AND ONE. The week was filled with plenty of fun activities and ended with a LomoWall exhibition.

To promote the talent of all the film community out there, we held two Social Media tester call-outs. We were delighted and humbled to receive thousands of applications each time! We loved discovering new talents and seeing the world through different eyes.

Finally, we introduced our most innovative creation to date – the LomoMod No.1. A flat-pack, cardboard DIY camera to build from scratch and a liquid-filled lens with a shutter and aperture unit. The culmination of everything we’ve preached for the last 27 years, this dynamic duo turned the creative potential dials up to infinity.


Analogue Advancements in the Face of Adversity

We dove right into 2020 with a Kickstarter campaign for our Petzval 80.5 mm MKII Art Lens and successfully met our target in just over 24 hours – wow – Lomographers from all over the world did that. THANK YOU.

Undeterred by the global pandemic, we released some extraordinary films too. The release of our vivaciously violet LomoChrome Purple film in 110 format was followed by the launch of two spectacular new low ISO additions to the Kino B&W Film Family – Fantôme Kino and Babylon Kino – boasting high-contrast drama and nuanced nostalgia respectively. LomoChrome Metropolis appeared in a very special Tokyo Edition outfit in collaboration with Kitamura and we also unveiled our Analogue Quartet and Analogue Duet selection film packs – the best way to try out four or two of our fabulous films, one roll at a time.

Later in the year we teamed up with a super-cool Japanese street brand and released the limited Simple Use Reloadable Camera × Challenger edition. We also launched the Analogue Aqua – Simple Use Reloadable Camera + Underwater Case – perfect for all your outdoor escapes. This was a great year for our Simple Use Reloadable Cameras, undoubtedly one of our hottest items in 2020.

We went collaboration crazy and created some of our best limited-edition designs yet. Sundae Kids brought iconic comic characters, Park Song Lee provided a painterly pastel palette, Laura Slater brought bold blue design and…drumroll please…William Klein adorned our Lomo’Instant Wide with his provocative, progressive photographs. Boom.

As if that wasn’t enough, we pulled a further two, brand spanking new inventions out of the bag. The LomoGraflok – the world’s first Instant Back for 4×5 cameras designed for Fujifilm Instax Wide, and the HydroChrome Sutton’s Panoramic Belair Camera – sweeping panoramics, thrilling and unpredictable liquid-effects and exposed sprocket holes, all in one camera.

Despite the obvious challenges faced throughout the year, the Lomography Community remained as strong, optimistic and experimental as ever. We worked hard to inspire creative minds worldwide with our indoor tipsters, tricks and DIY projects galore. We also hosted an open call for Lomography Testers on social media and welcomed some fantastic new photographers to the tester family and in between lockdowns as well as holding successful events including LomoWalks & Development Workshops with our partners worldwide – special mention goes to We Are One, an extraordinary LomoWall exhibit in Manila comprised of over 1,500 film photographs from international artists which aimed to highlight the beauty of cultural differences in times of unrest.


Finding Creativity in the Community – the Lomo Lifestyle goes on!

2021 is over and what a year it’s been! We kept ourselves busy – reconnecting with our Community in the real world, enjoying exciting creative collaborations and giving our passionate Lomographers new and exciting photographic tools to experiment with.

Firstly, it was a pleasure to see so many of you getting involved with our offline events. The NYC Film Photo Gathering was a particular highlight this year, with a record number of attendees joining workshops and photo walks throughout the day. We loved seeing all the happy coincidences from the Lomography x Initial LABO film swap project in France and the SAME SAME SAME but different project in Japan was an awesome way to share the Simple Use Reloadable camera love.

So, the world of Lomography continues to grow and we love to see our Community members getting stuck into our experimental way of life. But this year, your support in our new projects and product launches was unrivaled! In February, we launched our 13th Kickstarter project – the ultra-wide Atoll Art Lens – which you lovely lot successfully funded in less than 9 hours! Amazing!

To amp up the fun even more, we went big in our commitment to keeping film alive. In April, we kicked off four weeks of activities and celebrated Film Photography Day for an entire month! Our iconic LC-A+ turned 15 years old and most excitingly, we launched two new films in 2021! LomoChrome Metropolis got a new look – featuring even bolder contrasts and signature moody muted tones and, in a real blast from the past, LomoChrome Turquoise is back! After hundreds of emails, DMs, even letters sent by carrier pigeon… we decided to bring back the highly sought-after Turquoise treasure in 35 mm, 120 and brand-new 110 format.

On top of all of that, it’s been a mighty year for collaborations and we teamed up with some big names. Alongside Parisian music producer and DJ, Darius, we launched a dazzling special edition Simple Use Reloadable camera. Then, together with Berlin-based music producers KITSCHKRIEG, we released a special black and white Simple Use Reloadable camera to channel the group’s unique monochrome aesthetic. We also found time to celebrate the Chinese New Year with our own Simple Use Reloadable Camera Optimistic Ox edition and got ready for the party season in style with the release of the disco-diva Saturday edition. This simple snapper remains a firm favorite in the Lomo world.

But that’s not all! Our Instant cameras had their share of the limelight in 2021, with the Lomo’Instant and Lomo’Instant Automat cameras getting dressed up in thought-provoking limited edition artwork by Thai artists Gongkan and Suntur respectively. These releases challenged us all to think outside the frame and embrace our most crazy and experimental Lomographic desires.


30 Years of Lomography – An Analogue Affair

In this marvelous year of Lomography we introduced new analogue inventions, brought much-loved Lomography legends back from the past and our lovely Lomographers around the world got involved in loads of exciting events. Most excitingly, we kicked off our 30th-anniversary celebrations!

Starting strong, we gave our Online Shop a facelift and later in the year launched our Lomography Connoisseurs page – somewhere anyone can go to get inspired by cool photographers from all around the world and find out how they bring a little Lomography to their lives. Throughout the year, we encouraged our Lomographers to shoot from the hip and forget the rules, focusing particularly on medium format photography and simple ways to get creative with film.

With a snazzy new shop to show everything off, we announced our all-in-one scanning devices – the DigitaLIZA+ and DigitaLIZA Max – a super-easy way to scan film at home or on the go. Our dreamy Daguerreotype Achromat 2.9/64 Art Lens got a new look with black and silver aluminium finishes, and we designed new M-Mount Close-up Lens Adapters, expanding the Art Lens experimentation to full-frame mirrorless cameras.

Barely stopping to catch our breath, new Acapulco beach edition Fisheye No.2 and La Sardina cameras surfaced – each featuring a unique fabric design. Always keen to listen to the requests from our lovely Lomographers, we re-released the small but mighty Fisheye Baby 110 in two exciting designs and, not forgetting our film family, Lomographers around the world received their rolls of LomoChrome Turquoise 2021 formula!

At Lomography, the fun never stops! We went wild for the Lomo’Instant Automat Glass Serengeti, played our cards right with the Lomo’Instant Wide Monte Carlo, and, in collaboration with Hong Kong artist, Vivian Ho, our Lomo’Instant Automat got an insightful new illustration.

Now, drum roll please, in October we had some BIG news. Letting reality take a backseat, we dove headfirst into experimentation with the new LomoApparat Camera. This wide-angle 35 mm camera helps Lomographers push the boundaries of the analogue world and enjoy super-simple everyday analogue experimentation!

Just as the Lomography product family ever increases, so does our charming Lomography Community. We love to meet our Lomographers in person and were excited to see tons of you get involved in fun events like our LomoChrome Metropolis LomoWalks across North America. Across the pond, design enthusiasts were introduced to the lovely La Sardina at the La Sardina × London Design Festival LomoWalk – capturing London’s architecture on LomoChrome Metropolis film. Meanwhile, Lomography Japan organized the inspirational Pocket 110 Exhibition, bringing miniature experimentation to a wider audience. Lomography France held an exclusive photo project with full backstage access to the Opéra Comique, one of the best-kept secrets in Paris, and Lomography Italy provided Diana F+ cameras to selected students of the Italian Institute of Photography, challenging their creativity and technical competence across several categories for an enthralling exhibition in Milan.

But the challenges didn’t stop there! For Film Photography Day we held a HUGE Film Swap Challenge asking pairs of photographers from around the world to shoot on the same roll of film for some whacky results, and our motivational Golden Rules Challenge got everyone’s Lomographic brains whirring.

Speaking of golden rules, in November we kicked off our anniversary celebrations, exactly 30 years after the Lomographic Society International was founded and the golden rules were published! To celebrate our milestone, we released limited edition LC-A cameras and asked our Lomographers why they shoot film in our 30 Reasons For Analogue survey. Over the next year, we’ve got loads of cool events lined up to challenge, inspire and unite our Lomographers! We can’t wait to celebrate our 30th year of breaking the rules and look forward to exciting times ahead!


Future for Analogue

In 2023 we unleashed a wave of analogue passion that rippled across the globe. Our mission? To not just keep film alive but to help it thrive for years to come! It was the year where learning met creativity, collaboration sparked innovation, and 120 film became the anthem of Lomographers worldwide.

Early on in the year, we launched an exciting resource to empower Lomographers; the Lomo School is an online space where beginner and advanced photographers can learn everything they ever wanted to know about film. Additionally, for our Learning with Lomography Magazine series, we collaborated with universities and schools around the world, providing creative students with the tools to bring their artistic visions to life.

Beyond education, we kickstarted our Future for 120 campaign, declaring medium format film an Endangered Species. This rallying cry against the fading popularity of this exciting format aims to rejuvenate its popularity. We aren’t about to let 120 be left in the shadows!

In other news, we successfully funded our 14th Kickstarter campaign – the Nour Triplet V 2.0/64 Bokeh Control Art Lens, the world’s first full-frame mirrorless lens dedicated to spherical aberration control – and introduced LomoChrome Color ’92 film to bring a hint of nostalgia to the analogue world. We were excited to offer a never-seen-before film emulsion and we will continue to imagine and design new films in the future. Meanwhile, new camera editions like the LomoApparat Chiyoda, Fisheye No.2 Grape Jam and Diana F+ CMYK offer more choices to our Community as we continue to develop and produce all the tools you need to capture the wonderful world around you with analogue.