The Lomographer's Weekend Checklist: A Tinkerer's Grind


Get your arts and craft tools this weekend, it's time to perk up and give new faces and pizzazz in to those cameras and gears and put your analogue leftovers to good use! Allow us to guide you what you can spend your time on this weekend.

Here's some 4 small do-it-yourself projects you can do during your downtime.

Handmade Bags and Cases

No need for fancy leather bags to keep your film gear safe -- just take out old pouches and bags and stylize them whatever you want to. If you really want some personal touch to your case, try printing your favorite photograph on a canvas! Here's a starter tipster from community member @mafiosa for you to begin with, or take inspiration from @pearlgirl77's customized Diana Mini case.

If a carry-all isn't enough, peruse through our favorite diy camera bag tipsters.

Credits: johnnra

DIY Camera Straps

Update your boring camera straps into fashionable, quirky and weird ones! Recycle old scarves, belts, pieces of cloth, ribbons -- the choices are endless.

Begin with this simple tipster on recreating classic and vintage striped camera straps, or if you want to unleash the fashion designer in you with more options, just check out or top diy camera strap tipsters.

Credits: alienmeatsack, kristenhopee & chloeackers

Tipsters For Your Lens Only

Customize your composition and visualization skills through simple tweaking of your lens -- you can either make a splitzer on your own, (thanks, @paramir!) or simply just give a new face to your lens cap with a recyclables tipster from @jojothemonkeyy or put extra protection to your favorite TLR from @cornborn.

Credits: buckshot

Recycling Film Rolls & Canisters

Ohh, what to do, what to do with those stacked up film rolls and canisters? If you don't mind recycling them to save some cabinet space, you can definitely make a USB flash drive from your own rolls or simply create works of art as suggested by @cruzron.

Or, why not try out this funky tipster on making film canister invitations from @carmengraphy for your next party? There's more tutorials that await you in this list.

Credits: watttan & superlighter

Have some other plans in mind? What's in store for you this weekend? Share it with us through a comment below!

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