Taking Back Tipsters: DIY Camera Straps

2013-11-02 2

Who wants to get shackled to a drab, stock camera strap? In Lomography there’s always options for you to consider and here’s a few to get you started!

Camera straps serve an important role in your shooting life. It protects your camera and distributes the weight, making shooting and looking for shots all the more convenient. One problem you may find though, is that stock straps that came with your camera look ordinary. To remedy this, we’re focusing on DIY straps in this week’s edition of Taking Back Tipsters!

Photo from poppytalk

DIY Camera Strap Using a Leather Belt! by cruzron

You can use a thick, leather belt as a camera strap that’s built to last. Bonus points go to you if your belt has those ornate carvings and designs!

Photo from thehousethatlarsbuilt

Converting a Scarf into a Camera Strap by cruzron

Want colorful straps to go with your colorful plastic cameras? Use a scarf!

Innovative Strap for the Lubitel ester_s_ch

Dainty is an understatement with this particular camera strap tipster. You can follow the instructions to the letter, or change a few things in order for it to suit you!

Simple Camera Strap for the Diana Baby 110 by pearlgirl77

For a truly DIY vibe, why don’t you braid your camera using threads of different colors? That’s exactly what this tipster is all about!

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  1. ester_s_ch
    ester_s_ch ·

    Gracias por nombrarme :D

  2. hahaharice
    hahaharice ·

    i will definitely try to make one after i buy a diana F+

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