DIY: Analogue Invitations Made with Film Canisters

2012-07-17 6

Are you hosting a special event and want to surprise your friends? What a better way to invite them than with an original DIY invitation! – very analogue and full of color. Read on and get all the details…

The DIY trend is all over the web and give us great ideas for inspiration. This time I’ve found a beautiful analogue invitation that you can make yourself with simple materials! Check out this idea and steal a smile from more than one:

For this original card you’ll need:
- 35mm Empty Film Canisters
- Cardboard
- Pen
- Scissors
- Tape

Start the magic
First take one end of your strip of paper and use some scissors to cut its corners to make a triangle-shaped tab. Use your pen to label the tab you just made with the word “pull.” This so your recipient will know how to eventually read your message!

Then you have to write the message you’d like to show in a cardboard cut with the width of a 35mm negative. You can use black cardboard and a nice metal pen or other contrasting colors, your creativity is the limit!

Next you have to open the film canister – can use a film canister opener or regular bottle opener to remove the top – and tape the right end of your strip onto the spool with your paper laying on top of the spool’s core. You can get empty film canister in any Photo Lab or photography store.

Then take your spool and slip it back into the film canister, making sure the strip of paper you taped on it slides through the canister’s slit where the film would normally come out of.

There you go! Are you ready to surprise your friends with a very special invitation?

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Source: Wacapa

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  1. ehmahh
    ehmahh ·

    brilliant idea!!

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  3. walasiteodito
    walasiteodito ·

    brilliant idea!

  4. emma_
    emma_ ·

    Sorry but this post has been ripped off Photojojo >(…

  5. ma-riechen
    ma-riechen ·

    tried it today as gifts for my friends.. they were soooo excited :) what a cute idea!

  6. mario-salvenmoser
    mario-salvenmoser ·

    what a fantastic idea!! i have to try this!!

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