Taking Back Tipsters: Film Canisters Edition


Nothing to do all weekend and not feeling like shooting? Try out these various DIY hacks for your discarded film canisters!

Whether you believe that global warming is real or not, upcycling and repurposing is a worthy endeavor on its own. Breathing new life into old or discarded objects makes the world a better place! For each roll of film we shoot (which is many), we get these little plastic containers that eventually accumulate. Don’t throw them away though, as we have some Tipsters in making a new use out of them!

Photo from fastplants.ning.com

Planting With Film Canisters

Give your drab office space some color by having an indoor plant using a couple of film canisters and the bottom of a soda bottle.

Photo by Kathy Moore

DIY Craft Ribbon Organizer

Organize your unruly craft ribbons and knick-knacks by segregating them with clear film canisters.

Photo from inmyownstyle

DIY Gift Containers

Whether you’re going to use them for yourself or gifting it to a couple of friends, these film canister gift boxes add a personal touch to the occasion!

Photo by Ashley Kneram

DIY Film Canister Lights

The holidays are fast approaching! Mix things up and improve your run-off-the-mill light decorations with these analogue accents.

Photo from apartmenttherapy

DIY Film Canister Room Divider

And lastly, if you have a ridiculous amount of film canisters at your disposal, why don’t you try out this nifty idea for a room divider?

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