Event Recap: Diana F+ Workshop with Blue Moon Camera

Following up on Zeb Andrews' recent interview about his experience playing around with the Diana F+, we thought it would be a fun idea to throw a full-on Diana party at Blue Moon! The Pacific Northwest film community is rapidly growing, and we wanted to bring local photographers together through a fun Diana F+ Workshop in Portland, Oregon.

On March 26th, 2024, a group of folks gathered at Blue Moon Camera and Machine for a day filled with creativity and analogue image-making! For today's event recap, we've asked them to share some of their photos and takeaways.

Photos by Colette Laskey, Jared Johnson, Annie Buckles, Bri Mecanorma and Michael Hangland-Skill

Inspired by the Blue Moon team's initial snapshots with the Diana F+, we treated participants to a mix of different LomoChrome film stocks: Purple, Turquoise, and Metropolis. Aside from the fun of getting to shoot these color-shifting rolls, participants were able to scan their own negatives using our DigitaLIZA Max.

Photos by Annie Buckles.

After an introduction to the Diana F+ camera, the group went out into a gloomy Portland day to capture the surroundings of Blue Moon's neighborhood.

Certain details caught different people's eyes, like a vintage gasoline pump, street lantern, neon light sign, and blooming flower. The photowalk eventually led to Cathedral Park, where the group took photos and portraits around the St. John's Bridge, all with their unique LomoChrome looks.

Photos by Colette Laskey and Bri Mecanorma.

"Partnering with Lomography to put together a Diana F+ Workshop here in Portland was an excellent way to bring the local photography community together.

Early one Sunday morning, we gathered in the rainy Portland weather with a handful of LomoChrome films and an eye for adventure. The day started off with an introduction to the Diana F+ camera and the different LomoChrome films: Purple, Turquoise, and Metropolis. Graciously, the rain let up just in time to head out in the St. Johns neighborhood to try our hand at the Diana F+ camera, along with the lens attachment accessories. Making our way to Cathedral Park, with eye-catching views of the St. Johns Bridge, we wandered around capturing double exposures, creative portraits, and the first cherry blossoms of spring, to name a few. After returning from lunch, we had all of the film developed and set up to scan. Everyone was able to check out their recently exposed film on the light table and see scans of their images almost immediately, nearly bringing us back to the days of the 1-hour photo! We wrapped up the day with a newfound enjoyment for the quirky vintage-esque nature of the Diana F+ and LomoChrome film combination."
– Annie Buckles, Blue Moon Camera

Photos by Colette Laskey and Zeb Andrews.

The photos that resulted from this workshop are moody, edgy, and expressive, all traits that reflect the city of Portland. To put it in the words of a participant: “LomoChrome Metropolis is the film with the guts to capture Portland’s dirtiest and dankest districts in the depths of our darkest seasons." – Michael Hangland-Skill, Participant

Photos by Charlotte Cox and Zeb Andrews.

Huge thanks to the team at Blue Moon Camera for hosting this workshop! You can check out Blue Moon Camera's online shop, or follow them on Instagram.

If you missed this workshop, look out for the next one by checking our calendar!

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