DIY Lens Caps: Lens Caps For The Recesky DIY TLR


Here’s a quickie tipster on how to make DIY lens caps for your DIY camera!

Assembling the Recesky TLR camera was a lot of fun, but I found that something was missing: I like to just throw my cameras in a bag and carry them around, but I can only really do that when they have lens caps attached, otherwise the lenses scratch really easily. Since the Recesky came without a lens cap, I decided to just make one myself.

Here’s what you need:

  • two caps of those clear film canisters
  • a bunch of tooth pricks (you actually need only one, but I find that they break very easily so you might want to have a few at hand)
  • an elastic band
  • a needle
  • a stapler
  • a Recesky DIY TLR camera. This might also work for the Gakken TLR, since they are very similar.

I started by stapling the elastic band to one of the caps. Make sure the staples sit on opposite edges.
The next step would be to drill little holes through the edges of both caps. This is where the needle comes in helpful. You can widen the holes using tooth pricks, but don’t get frustrated if you break a few of them.
Make the holes wide enough for a tooth prick to go through, but it should still stick firmly. You can then join the caps using a tooth prick.

In order to blend in better you can paint the caps as well as the toothprick using a black marker.

This may not be the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen, but it does the job and it’s a good way of recycling those film canisters!

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  1. kamiraze
    kamiraze ·

    Great idea! I'll make one for my Recesky!
    But where is your shutter button? I don't see it on the pictures! :P

  2. hughh
    hughh ·

    Nice idea! Just tried, and it also works with the Gakkenflex (as they have very similar parts)

  3. luisfernandes
    luisfernandes ·

    awesome! I'm so gonna make it for mine!

  4. slobill
    slobill ·

    Works perfectly!

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