LomoMission: The Avant-Garde is Analogue

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The Avant-Garde is Analogue

April 12 is Film Photography Day! To celebrate, expect the unexpected and embrace the excitement of experiment!

As we’ve prophesied, analogue is still the most exciting form of expression. It’s the avant-garde of the 21st century! For this special LomoMission, we’re challenging you to break away from the norm, embrace imperfections, and spontaneity, and to simply let the magic of analogue photography unfold before your lens.

Submit five of your all-time most experimental and unconventional snapshots for a chance to win one of the two LomoApparat cameras or one of the three 20 EUR/USD vouchers for our Online Shop! Each participant can enter up to five photographs shot on film. This competition will run until May 8, 2024. Good luck!