LomoMission: Women in Analogue

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Women in Analogue

Let's celebrate the incredible craft of women photographers who are breaking barriers all around the globe!

Throughout the years, we have had the honor of being one of the platforms for photographers to showcase the stories of many exceptional women. As we celebrate Women's History Month, we want to highlight the creativity, passion, and artistry of women Lomographers. For this competition, we invite all women-identifying Lomographers to take center stage and share their stories through their lenses and film photography.

Submit your most inspiring snapshots celebrating women and get a chance to win a 10% discount code for our Online Shop! Each participant can enter up to 10 photographs shot on film. This competition will run until April 1, 2024. Good luck!

Photo by crismiranda.

The Winners

Congratulations to: spookieshelbie, aleishaheidifilm, beladidonato, inesrvalente & nikitagross.