The Lomography Annual Photography Awards: the TEN AND ONE are judged by a carefully-selected panel of artists, industry experts, and long-time Lomographers. Get to know the members of our jury.

This year’s jury members

  • Aislinn Chuahiock

    Aislinn chuahiock

    Aislinn Chuahiock is the co-founder of Film Folk, one of the biggest stores in the Philippines dedicated to film photography. She’s an avid collector of film cameras and takes particular interest in documenting snippets of her daily life and travels around the world in striking black and white photographs.

  • Amaia Hodge

    Amaia hodge

    Hailing from Spain, Amaia Hodge is a longtime member of the Lomography community and a huge fan of the LomoKino camera. She published her first photobook, SOUVENIR: Esto no es una guía de viajes, in 2012 and was subsequently awarded by the Logroño City Council. Since then, her work has graced several galleries and exhibitions.

  • Cagla Gulkilik

    Cagla gulkilik

    An ardent traveler, Cagla Gulkilik has been to breathtaking places most could only dream of. Her love for discovering storied sights and friendly faces eventually paid off when she became one of the winners of the Off the Grid category and an artist-in-residence for the TEN AND ONE Awards 2017.

  • Christine Bartolucci

    Christine bartolucci

    Christine Bartolucci is a photographer, podcaster, and YouTuber based in Los Angeles. After graduating from Hallmark Institute of Photography in 2004, she started working as a professional portrait and unit still photographer. As an avid film shooter, she co-hosts a weekly film photography podcast called Analog Talk. She also makes Youtube videos about film photography .

  • Christine Voss

    Christine voss

    Christine Voss has been shooting on film for almost two decades and finds joy in capturing minute details and turning them into works of art. She has a soft spot for traveling and shooting with the LC-A and Sprocket Rocket. She’s one of the winners of the TEN AND ONE Awards 2017, under the Urban Explorers category, and a participant in the artist residency week. Photo by marder17.

  • Cristóbal Valdés

    Cristobal valdes

    Cristóbal Valdés is a photographer and a Lomography ambassador from Chile. He is the founder of Migo, a laboratory and photography store, and juggles his time between pursuing personal creative projects and professional work as a photographer for architects, decorators, publications, and various companies.

  • Dusit Semangoen

    Dusit semangoen

    Dusit Semangoen is a photographer, videographer, and the production director of WOFWOF, a creative house based in Bangkok. He still shoots on film for his professional work and loves to develop his own black and white films.

  • Eduardo Espinoza Chávez

    Eduardo espinoza chavez

    Mexico-based cinephile Eduardo Espinoza Chávez’s passion for analogue photography started out during his stint as a film projectionist. Inspired by the works of Wong Kar Wai, he now explores the creative possibilities of film photography with his beautifully executed double exposure photographs and evocative portraits.

  • Francesco Gozzi

    Francesco gozzi

    As a freelance journalist, Francesco Gozzi has been working for several Italian Magazines. Since 2013, he has been the director of The Mammoth’s Reflex, a web magazine dedicated to the world of photography.

  • Franck Gonnaud

    Franck gonnaud

    Franck Gonnaud has been a loyal film shooter since 1996. His work has been published and exhibited in various publications and galleries - a testament to his unwavering love for the medium. He is one of the winners under the Adrenaline Junkies category and part of the artist residency week for the TEN AND ONE Awards 2017.

  • Fumihiko Suzuki

    Fumihiko suzuki

    Fumihiko Suzuki is a freelance editor, writer, and photographer. He has always been passionate about publishing magazines and books that caters to photography lovers. Currently, he’s the editor-in-chief of snap!, a magazine dedicated to film photography.

  • Georgina Glaser

    Georgina glaser

    Following a career in scientific research, Georgina Glaser now works for the British Ecological Society, an organization dedicated to enabling nature and people to thrive in a world inspired by ecology. There, she co-manages their annual photographic competition, Capturing Ecology, which focuses on the beauty of nature and wildlife, and for which she has curated two photography exhibitions since the winning images first began touring in January 2019.

  • Jerry


    Jerry has been a photographer for five years. With a passion for street, documentary, and portrait photography, he created his own Instagram hashtag #小人物大城市 (“small characters in the big city”) with the hope of inspiring everyone to be more aware of their surroundings. He extensively photographed “The First Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market” in Taiwan, published the first photo book《輪轉》(liàn-tńg), and held an exhibition of his work in 2019.

  • Johanna Olk

    Johanna olk

    Born in 1993 in France, Johanna Olk studied industrial design. This is the reason why she has always been attracted by objects and compositions with simple and timeless beauty. Her work has been exhibited in France and in the United States, it’s simple but still, it creates an emotion. In her fine line drawings, her watercolors or in her oils on canvas, she imagines women who look like they are dreaming, wrapped in certain melancholia. The artist takes us into her world where time seems to have suddenly stopped. She invites us to obverse faces with fascinating eyes, these cool gazes draw our attention and paradoxically comfort us.

  • Jonathan Paragas

    Jonathan paragas

    Jonathan Paragas is a street photographer whose main medium is film. He first started shooting portraits in 2015 but never found the complete fulfilment he was hoping for. He decided to turn his lens to the streets for the first time, capturing the hidden stories of the people that walk in plain sight. Street photography is no longer just a hobby for Jonathan but became his life-long passion.

  • Laetitia Duveau

    Laetitia duveau

    Laetitia Duveau is the founder and CEO of Curated by GIRLS, a platform promoting diversity and equality through art. Also an artist herself, she became a curator when she moved from Paris to Berlin in 2016 to find inspiration. This acted as a catalyst for a new chapter in her life. With a passion for art and a love of challenges, the need to create a community supporting emerging female, and queer talents, became her mission. Photo by Louise Lemeur.

  • Leah Frances

    Leah frances

    Leah Frances is the eye behind American Squares, an Instagram photography project that documents American cultural relics and iconography. Frances’ work has been featured in numerous print and online platforms and has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Her first photo book, American Squares, was published by AINT-BAD in the fall of 2019.

  • Lee Tsung Ming (李宗銘)

    Lee tsung min

    As a winner of the Game Changers category of the TEN AND ONE Awards 2017, Lee Tsung Ming became one of the Lomographers to be part of the artist residency week. Always with an eye for compelling stories, he continuously amazes us with his thoughtful portraits.

  • Lertkiat Chongjirajitra

    Lertkiat chongjirajitra

    Lertkiat Chongjirajitra is an orchestral trumpeter and photographer. He’s the owner of LERT’s which is famous for its high-quality film processing and scan service based in Bangkok.

  • LithiumSociety


    Photographer and art director Vale and Matt work for HB production, a fresh graphic design studio in Rome, Italy. They have two distinct voices, but together they run an artistic profile devoted to analogue photography called LithiumSociety.

  • Louis Dazy

    Louis dazy

    Paris-based director and photographer Louis Dazy started his career of making nostalgic and cinematic images four years ago. Through his careful angling, focus, lighting and composition, Louis turns nocturnal urban events into moments of tender melancholy, sometimes even magic. He launched his first self-published photobook, Dreams in Technicolor, in 2019.

  • Marta Huguet

    Marta huguet

    Madrid-based Marta Huguet specializes in emotive portrait photography. As the owner of La Peliculera and one of the co-founders of Whattaroll Magazine, she aims to give a platform for unrecognized talents in the film photography community.

  • Mihály Alagi

    Mihaly alagi

    Mihály Alagi bends the rules of reality with his surreal multiple exposure photographs. When not playing with colors and layers, he captures the understated beauty of everyday scenarios in black and white, earning him the prize for the Monochrome category of the TEN AND ONE Awards 2017 and a spot in the artist residency week.

  • Morgane Erpicum

    Morgane erpicum

    Morgane Erpicum , who has found solace in the pace and rhythm of analog photography, travels the world exploring the theme of the monumental vastness of nature. Her photographs showcase the outer limits of our planet: otherworldly places where life must be strong, adaptable and resilient to survive. Her work invites us to draw a parallel between our own human fragility and the vulnerability of these extreme landscapes to change. Morgane dares to dream that capturing the Sublime of these places now—for tomorrow they could be gone— could help the world fall in love with these regions and inspire people to save them from destruction.

  • Nicola D’Orta

    Nicola d orta

    Having extensively studied arts and photography, fashion, glamor, and portrait photographer Nicola D’orta used his knowledge to refine his own creative style. Through his images, he aims to highlight the subtle beauty of moments that often go unnoticed.

  • Nuria Cabrera Sancho

    Nuria cabrera sancho

    Nuria Cabrera Sancho is a journalist based in Barcelona. In addition to her job as a host of a local radio show and as marketing manager, Nuria also has a blog where she expresses her most intimate feelings and experiences. She loves to travel, even more so with an analogue camera in tow. Always equipped with a 120 or 35 mm camera, she captures the little details of daily life in different countries.

  • Paul McKay

    Paul mckay

    As the one of the founders of Analogue Wonderland, Paul Mckay lives and breathes film photography. His first foray into the medium started with an Olympus OM1 he inherited from his father-in-law. Through his analogue-exclusive store, he aims to make film photography more accessible and fun for everyone.

  • Paul del Rosario

    Paul del rosario

    Paul del Rosario is the founder of 120LOVE, a lifestyle brand based in Japan that aims to keep the analogue spirit relevant and fun in today’s predominantly digital world.


    Photoblog dk is founded by Alex, Kenneth, Rex, and Nok. Outside the blog, the team members have different occupations and specialities, but they have the same passion for photography and writing. They consider Photoblog as a notebook for photographers, recording all the latest advancement in photography.

  • Pierre Pomonti

    Pierre pomonti

    Parisian by adoption and founder of Folkr, Pierre Pomonti has been filling his daily life with images for almost 10 years. With a small film camera loaned by his mother, Pierre began by photographing the landscapes of his hometown, Marseille. Today, he immortalizes the models and anonymous with the same thread: the natural. He has a passion for stolen photos and backstages. With Folkr, he deciphers trends and draws the portrait of the talents of today and tomorrow.

  • Pietro Contaldo

    Pietro contaldo

    Pietro Contaldo is a Neapolitan street photographer and president of Igersitalia, the largest community of content creators in the world. Since 2016, he has been the Italian ambassador of 24 Hour Project, a worldwide project of street and documentary photography. Pietro is also the co-founder of Foodtellers, a documentary project about cooking and street food. He is a lover of Ilford HP 5 Plus 35mm.

  • Ricardo Moreno

    Ricardo moreno

    Ricardo Moreno is the director of, a company in Bogotá, Colombia, dedicated to the promotion of design, art and analogue photography. In 2010, he became the brand ambassador of Lomography Colombia, which opened an opportunity for him to get connected with traditional photography, a magic process that he nowadays enjoys. He also loves to find colors, shapes, functionality and technology integrated into objects, images, and products.

  • Sally & Matthias

    Sally and matthias

    As the Founders and Presidents of the Lomographic Society International, there couldn’t possibly be better judges than Sally and Matthias. They’re particularly fond of the shot from the hip!

  • Sebastian Alvin Setiawan

    Sebastian alvin setiawan

    Sebastian Alvin Setiawan is an analogue enthusiast from Indonesia whose work focuses on portraiture and street. He is one of the champions of the Now and Never category of the TEN AND ONE Awards 2017, which earned him a ticket to be part of the Residency Week.

  • Sebastian Gansrigler

    Sebastian gansrigler

    Born in Burgenland, Austria in 1994, Sebastian Gansrigler now works as an independent photographer for museums and galleries, and as a graphic designer in Vienna. His education encompasses both media design and media technology. He has been the publisher and editor-in-chief of the new indie photography magazine Auslöser since 2019.

  • Sebastian Kortmann

    Sebastian kortmann

    Photographer and director Sebastian Kortmann always works with special thinking about aesthetics and the human being. After working for years as a commercial director, his long-lasting passion for photography eventually grew back which led him to shoot various projects, from commercials to portraits.

  • Torsten Dittkuhn

    Torsten dittkuhn

    One of the veterans in the Lomography Community, Torsten Dittkuhn, popularly known as bloomchen, is an avid ultimate frisbee player and medium format lover. He has proven his dedication for the experimental photography time and again, bagging a spot in the Trial and Error category of the TEN AND ONE Awards 2017 and participating in the competition’s artist residency week.

  • Xiao Dao (回形岛)

    Xiao dao

    Xiao Dao is a freelance writer and photography lecturer. The style of his work pursues simplicity, purity and Zen. He is also a special photographer for the China National Geographic, contributing author for China Airlines, cooperative photographer for the Xinhua Newspaper, and the “Russia World Cup” special photographer for Baidu.

  • Haiyin Lin (林海音)

    Haiyin lin

    Haiyin Lin is a fashion photographer based in Beijing and New York. With a focus on portraiture, her work has been published in various magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle Magazine, National Geographic, and more.

  • Qiang Yin (银强)

    Qiang yin

    Qiang Yin is a senior photographer in China and chief editor of Camera Beta. With a familiarity with various photography and camera equipment, he participated in co-organizing the “卡色 Kase” photography contest, CMG video film and television competition.

Former jury members

  • Adi Prakarsa

    Adi prakarsa

    Returning to the TEN AND ONE Awards jury is Adi Prakarsa (@adi_totp) who has been a part of the Lomography Community for more than a decade. With an interest in ethno-economics, he uses film photography as a means to interact and communicate with the people he meets during his research work.

  • Antonio Amendola

    Antonio amendola

    Antonio Amendola is the founder of #Shoot4Change, an international network for photographers and artists who creates humanitarian reportages for non-government organizations. Through this project, he aims to raise awareness of forgotten stories that are not considered as “remunerative by mainstream media.”

  • Antonio Castello

    Antonio castello

    Lifestyle and fashion photographer Antonio Castello is currently a Lomography ambassador for Columbia. Over the past decade, he has consistently produced work for international brands and companies using Lomography cameras and Art Lenses.

  • Ben Hammer

    Ben hammer

    Professional photographer, mixed media artist, and art director Ben Hammer who specializes in portraiture and reportage. He's passionate about presenting visual stories of people. Photo by Philipp Reinhard.

  • Claudia Sajeva

    Claudia sajeva

    Claudia Sajeva (@-dakota-) expresses her passion for architecture and movies through her cinematic photographs. She won in the Adrenaline Junkies category of the 2016 TEN AND ONE Awards and joined her fellow champions in Vienna for a weeklong artist residency.

  • Denise Skiadopoulos

    Denise skiadopoulos

    Denise Skiadopoulos studied photography in Leica Academy Greece and business administration management. Together with her sister, she runs Skiadopoulos LTD, a retail store for photography products in Greece — a perfect mix of her two passions.

  • Dimitri Beck

    Dimitri beck

    As its director for photography, Dimitri Beck manages the magazine, website, gallery, and multimedia of Polka, a Paris-based publication dedicated to photojournalism and contemporary photography. Photo by Alizé Le Maoult.

  • Edward Conde

    Edward conde

    Lomographer Edward Conde (@edwardconde) is obsessed with capturing life around him and describes his photography style as “unobtrusive and observer-like”. He experiments with different cameras and film formats, earning him a spot in the 2016 TEN AND ONE Awards under the Now or Never category.

  • Eleonore Pairet

    Eleonore pairet

    Another residency week participant, Eleonore Pairet (@eleonorepairet) won in the 2016 TEN AND ONE Awards under the special category, Migration and Identity. With her penchant for discovering new places, she continuously inspire everyone with her exceptional travel photographs.

  • Elisa Maccario

    Elisa maccario

    Being an agent in Milano for several designer brands, Elisa Maccario has a lot of experience with visual communication and photography. She's the owner of M E S T U D I O and works as our general manager for Lomography Italy.

  • Eric Karsenty

    Eric karsenty

    Shortly after graduating from the prestigious École nationale Supérieure de la Photographie d’Arles, Eric Karsenty had worked intensively in different magazines and photo agencies. He is now the editor-in-chief of Fisheye Magazine. Photo by Israel Arino.

  • Gil Rigoulet

    Gil rigoulet

    Gil Rigoulet started his career in 1975, becoming the first official photographer of the newspaper Le Monde. He has worked as a photojournalist for different magazines for more than 20 years. Photo by Hanna Hildebrand.

  • Grant Spanier

    Grant spanier

    Grant Spanier is a director and photographer from Los Angeles. As part of the directing duo, DAD, he produces music videos, creative direction, and fashion/editorial photographs.

  • Hiroshi Chinzei

    Hiroshi chinzei

    A passionate photographer from Japan, Hiroshi Chinzei is the store manager of Daikanyama Kitamura Photo Equipment.

  • Ilaria Magliocchetti Lombi

    Ilaria magliocchetti lombi

    For Ilaria Magliocchetti Lombi building rapport with people is the first step in creating photographs that show both strength and vulnerability. With her strong focus on portraiture and the music scene, her work have been published Vanity Fair, Wired, Io Donna, L’Espresso, Vice Magazine, and more.

  • Jeremy Cheung

    Jeremy cheung

    Jeremy Cheung started his photography career a decade ago in a bid to capture the rapidly changing cityscape of Hong Kong, which then became the recurring theme on his work. As an urban, event, and architectural photographer, he focuses on capturing candid stories with a strong focus on mood, geometry, and typography.

  • Kamila Kulik

    Kamila kulik

    Taking inspiration from films, literature, and modern art, Kamila Kulik (@kamila_k) shoots dreamy and evocative portraits with a Holga camera. She’s one of the participants in our first ever artist residency week in Vienna as part of her prize for winning in the Human Stories category of the 2016 TEN AND ONE Awards.

  • Kenneth Bachor

    Kenneth bachor

    Kenneth Bachor works as the photo editor for the prestigious Wall Street Journal. Growing up, his interest in photography started with his fascination with album covers and music videos of legendary artists.

  • Khalifa Al Obaidly

    Khalifa al obaidly

    As a marine biologist, Khalifa Al Obaidly first passion is underwater photography. He works for the Qatar Museums as the director of their artist residency program and runs the Khalifa Art Center.

  • Kurt Prinz

    Kurt printz

    Kurt Prinz started his photography journey as a means to capture fleeting moments and emotions. He has been a photographer for more than a decade with a strong focus on journalism and commercial work for PR and advertising.

  • Kyle Depew

    Kyle depew

    Kyle Depew started his passion project, Brooklyn Film Camera, in 2015. It’s one of the few stores in New York that specializes in analogue photography and restoration of vintage instant cameras.

  • Lanna Apisukh

    Lanna apisukh

    With her background in skateboarding and gymnastics, Lanna Apisukh is always ready to capture the action. As a lifestyle, portrait, and documentary photographer, her work celebrates youth, individuality, culture, style, and travel.

  • Mario Ferrer

    Mario ferrer

    Another residency week participant, Mario Ferrer (@guanatos) is one of the champions in the Cinematics category of the 2016 TEN AND ONE Awards. Aside from capturing moments in photos, he’s also passionate about sharing his creative vision through short movies shot with the LomoKino.

  • Marion Herbain

    Marion herbain

    Marion Herbain curates the popular Instagram account f1rstoftheroll which sets out to celebrate the first frame of a film roll, often discarded as an incomplete picture.

  • Montague Fendt

    Montague fendt

    Montague Fendt (@montagu) works as a director for advertising, commercials, and indie films. Fendt won in the Monochrome and Breaking Boundaries categories of the 2016 TEN AND ONE Awards and participated in our weeklong artist residency in Vienna.

  • Nural Idrisoglu

    Nural idrisoglu

    For the past seven years, Nural Idrisoglu has been sharing her passion for film photography as the manager of Lomography Turkey.

  • Pierre P. Marchal

    Pierre p marchal

    Pierre P. Marchal is the founder and art director of JPPM, an agency that specializes in digital art direction, art curation, and communications strategy.

  • Ramón Jiménez III

    Ramon jimenez

    Ramón Jiménez III is the manager of our Embassy Store in Barcelona. He is passionate about telling stories through captivating portraits shot film.

  • Roberto Fiuza

    Roberto fiuza

    With his mastery of light and shadow, Roberto Fiuza (@robertofiuza) turns everything his camera captures into surreal, symmetrical photographs. As a winner of the Game Changers category in the 2016 TEN AND ONE Awards, he became one of our Residency Week participants in Vienna.

  • Rumpaporn Vorasiha

    Rumpaporn vorasiha

    Rumpaporn Vorasiha is a freelance photographer and special instructor for photography at the Bangkok University.

  • Sebastian Hilgetag

    Sebastian hilgetag

    Sebastian Hilgetag is a fashion, editorial, and commercial photographer. More than the look or style, he makes it a point to have a strong and unique concept on every photo he creates.

  • Sophirat Muangkum

    Sophirat muangkum

    A self-taught photographer, Sophirat Muangkum has been in the industry for more than a decade. Her work focuses on artistic and conceptual nudes and has been exhibited widely in Thailand and Singapore.

  • Stella Gelardi Malfilatre

    Stella gelardi malfilatre

    Stella Gelardi Malfilatre is a documentarian, photographer, and researcher. Through her eye-catching work, she gives emphasis on the unique character of the people she photographs.

  • The Maxwells

    The maxwells

    Together known as The Maxwells, creative duo Ruby June and Philip express their shared love for photography through their compelling and well-conceptualized portraits.

  • Willie Schumann

    Willie schumann

    Longtime Community member Willie Schumann (@wil6ka) is the creative force behind the Magazine series, The World According to Herr Willie. Being a TV journalist and filmmaker has taken him to places some could only dream of, collecting truly captivating stories along the way.

  • Wong Kar Wai

    Wong kar wai

    As an actor and influencer, Wong Kar Wai brings attention to social issues in hilarious yet informative videos — a style he brings into his carefree and quirky film photographs.

  • Yoshitaka Goto

    Yoshitaka goto

    One of the most talented Lomographers in the Community, Yoshitaka Goto (@gocchin) pushes the boundaries of film photography with his exceptional multiple exposure images, which had been exhibited in our Gallery Store in Japan. Goto participated in our first artist residency in Vienna as one of the winners in the Monochrome category.