The TEN AND ONE Annual Lomography Photo Awards are judged by a carefully-selected panel of artists, industry experts, and long-time Lomographers. Get to know the members of our 2018 jury.

Say Hello to our Jury

  • Adi Prakarsa

    Adi prakarsa

    Returning to the TEN AND ONE Awards jury is Adi Prakarsa (@adi_totp) who has been a part of the Lomography Community for more than a decade. With an interest in ethno-economics, he uses film photography as a means to interact and communicate with the people he meets during his research work.

  • Antonio Amendola

    Antonio amendola

    Antonio Amendola is the founder of #Shoot4Change, an international network for photographers and artists who creates humanitarian reportages for non-government organizations. Through this project, he aims to raise awareness of forgotten stories that are not considered as “remunerative by mainstream media.”

  • Antonio Castello

    Antonio castello

    Lifestyle and fashion photographer Antonio Castello is currently a Lomography ambassador for Columbia. Over the past decade, he has consistently produced work for international brands and companies using Lomography cameras and Art Lenses.

  • Ben Hammer

    Ben hammer

    Professional photographer, mixed media artist, and art director Ben Hammer who specializes in portraiture and reportage. He's passionate about presenting visual stories of people. Photo by Philipp Reinhard.

  • Claudia Sajeva

    Claudia sajeva

    Claudia Sajeva (@-dakota-) expresses her passion for architecture and movies through her cinematic photographs. She won in the Adrenaline Junkies category of the 2016 TEN AND ONE Awards and joined her fellow champions in Vienna for a weeklong artist residency.

  • Daniel Stewart

    Daniel stewart

    One of Lomography’s ambassadors, Daniel Stewart, who goes by the name dannyphoto, primarily shoots in medium format film. A portrait, fashion, and lifestyle photographer, he has worked for many international brands such as Nike, Jordan, Interscope Records.

  • Denise Skiadopoulos

    Denise skiadopoulos

    Denise Skiadopoulos studied photography in Leica Academy Greece and business administration management. Together with her sister, she runs Skiadopoulos LTD, a retail store for photography products in Greece — a perfect mix of her two passions.

  • Dimitri Beck

    Dimitri beck

    As its director for photography, Dimitri Beck manages the magazine, website, gallery, and multimedia of Polka, a Paris-based publication dedicated to photojournalism and contemporary photography. Photo by Alizé Le Maoult.

  • Edward Conde

    Edward conde

    Lomographer Edward Conde (@edwardconde) is obsessed with capturing life around him and describes his photography style as “unobtrusive and observer-like”. He experiments with different cameras and film formats, earning him a spot in the 2016 TEN AND ONE Awards under the Now or Never category.

  • Eleonore Pairet

    Eleonore pairet

    Another residency week participant, Eleonore Pairet (@eleonorepairet) won in the 2016 TEN AND ONE Awards under the special category, Migration and Identity. With her penchant for discovering new places, she continuously inspire everyone with her exceptional travel photographs.

  • Elisa Maccario

    Elisa maccario

    Being an agent in Milano for several designer brands, Elisa Maccario has a lot of experience with visual communication and photography. She's the owner of M E S T U D I O and works as our general manager for Lomography Italy.

  • Eric Karsenty

    Eric karsenty

    Shortly after graduating from the prestigious École nationale Supérieure de la Photographie d’Arles, Eric Karsenty had worked intensively in different magazines and photo agencies. He is now the editor-in-chief of Fisheye Magazine. Photo by Israel Arino.

  • Gil Rigoulet

    Gil rigoulet

    Gil Rigoulet started his career in 1975, becoming the first official photographer of the newspaper Le Monde. He has worked as a photojournalist for different magazines for more than 20 years. Photo by Hanna Hildebrand.

  • Grant Spanier

    Grant spanier

    Grant Spanier is a director and photographer from Los Angeles. As part of the directing duo, DAD, he produces music videos, creative direction, and fashion/editorial photographs.

  • Hiroshi Chinzei

    Hiroshi chinzei

    A passionate photographer from Japan, Hiroshi Chinzei is the store manager of Daikanyama Kitamura Photo Equipment.

  • Ilaria Magliocchetti Lombi

    Ilaria magliocchetti lombi

    For Ilaria Magliocchetti Lombi building rapport with people is the first step in creating photographs that show both strength and vulnerability. With her strong focus on portraiture and the music scene, her work have been published Vanity Fair, Wired, Io Donna, L’Espresso, Vice Magazine, and more.

  • Jeremy Cheung

    Jeremy cheung

    Jeremy Cheung started his photography career a decade ago in a bid to capture the rapidly changing cityscape of Hong Kong, which then became the recurring theme on his work. As an urban, event, and architectural photographer, he focuses on capturing candid stories with a strong focus on mood, geometry, and typography.

  • Kamila Kulik

    Kamila kulik

    Taking inspiration from films, literature, and modern art, Kamila Kulik (@kamila_k) shoots dreamy and evocative portraits with a Holga camera. She’s one of the participants in our first ever artist residency week in Vienna as part of her prize for winning in the Human Stories category of the 2016 TEN AND ONE Awards.

  • Kenneth Bachor

    Kenneth bachor

    Kenneth Bachor works as the photo editor for the prestigious Wall Street Journal. Growing up, his interest in photography started with his fascination with album covers and music videos of legendary artists.

  • Khalifa Al Obaidly

    Khalifa al obaidly

    As a marine biologist, Khalifa Al Obaidly first passion is underwater photography. He works for the Qatar Museums as the director of their artist residency program and runs the Khalifa Art Center.

  • Kurt Prinz

    Kurt printz

    Kurt Prinz started his photography journey as a means to capture fleeting moments and emotions. He has been a photographer for more than a decade with a strong focus on journalism and commercial work for PR and advertising.

  • Kyle Depew

    Kyle depew

    Kyle Depew started his passion project, Brooklyn Film Camera, in 2015. It’s one of the few stores in New York that specializes in analogue photography and restoration of vintage instant cameras.

  • Lanna Apisukh

    Lanna apisukh

    With her background in skateboarding and gymnastics, Lanna Apisukh is always ready to capture the action. As a lifestyle, portrait, and documentary photographer, her work celebrates youth, individuality, culture, style, and travel.

  • Mario Ferrer

    Mario ferrer

    Another residency week participant, Mario Ferrer (@guanatos) is one of the champions in the Cinematics category of the 2016 TEN AND ONE Awards. Aside from capturing moments in photos, he’s also passionate about sharing his creative vision through short movies shot with the LomoKino.

  • Marion Herbain

    Marion herbain

    Marion Herbain curates the popular Instagram account f1rstoftheroll which sets out to celebrate the first frame of a film roll, often discarded as an incomplete picture.

  • Montague Fendt

    Montague fendt

    Montague Fendt (@montagu) works as a director for advertising, commercials, and indie films. Fendt won in the Monochrome and Breaking Boundaries categories of the 2016 TEN AND ONE Awards and participated in our weeklong artist residency in Vienna.

  • Nicola D’Orta

    Nicola d orta

    Having extensively studied arts and photography, fashion, glamor, and portrait photographer Nicola D’orta used his knowledge to refine his own creative style. Through his images, he aims to highlight the subtle beauty of moments that often go unnoticed.

  • Nural Idrisoglu

    Nural idrisoglu

    For the past seven years, Nural Idrisoglu has been sharing her passion for film photography as the manager of Lomography Turkey.

  • Pierre P. Marchal

    Pierre p marchal

    Pierre P. Marchal is the founder and art director of JPPM, an agency that specializes in digital art direction, art curation, and communications strategy.

  • Ramón Jiménez III

    Ramon jimenez

    Ramón Jiménez III is the manager of our Embassy Store in Barcelona. He is passionate about telling stories through captivating portraits shot film.

  • Roberto Fiuza

    Roberto fiuza

    With his mastery of light and shadow, Roberto Fiuza (@robertofiuza) turns everything his camera captures into surreal, symmetrical photographs. As a winner of the Game Changers category in the 2016 TEN AND ONE Awards, he became one of our Residency Week participants in Vienna.

  • Rumpaporn Vorasiha

    Rumpaporn vorasiha

    Rumpaporn Vorasiha is a freelance photographer and special instructor for photography at the Bangkok University.

  • Sally & Matthias

    Sally and matthias

    As the Founders and Presidents of the Lomographic Society International, there couldn’t possibly be better judges than Sally and Matthias. They’re particularly fond of the shot from the hip!

  • Sebastian Hilgetag

    Sebastian hilgetag

    Sebastian Hilgetag is a fashion, editorial, and commercial photographer. More than the look or style, he makes it a point to have a strong and unique concept on every photo he creates.

  • Sophirat Muangkum

    Sophirat muangkum

    A self-taught photographer, Sophirat Muangkum has been in the industry for more than a decade. Her work focuses on artistic and conceptual nudes and has been exhibited widely in Thailand and Singapore.

  • Stella Gelardi Malfilatre

    Stella gelardi malfilatre

    Stella Gelardi Malfilatre is a documentarian, photographer, and researcher. Through her eye-catching work, she gives emphasis on the unique character of the people she photographs.

  • The Maxwells

    The maxwells

    Together known as The Maxwells, creative duo Ruby June and Philip express their shared love for photography through their compelling and well-conceptualized portraits.

  • Willie Schumann

    Willie schumann

    Longtime Community member Willie Schumann (@wil6ka) is the creative force behind the Magazine series, The World According to Herr Willie. Being a TV journalist and filmmaker has taken him to places some could only dream of, collecting truly captivating stories along the way.

  • Wong Kar Wai

    Wong kar wai

    As an actor and influencer, Wong Kar Wai brings attention to social issues in hilarious yet informative videos — a style he brings into his carefree and quirky film photographs.

  • Yoshitaka Goto

    Yoshitaka goto

    One of the most talented Lomographers in the Community, Yoshitaka Goto (@gocchin) pushes the boundaries of film photography with his exceptional multiple exposure images, which had been exhibited in our Gallery Store in Japan. Goto participated in our first artist residency in Vienna as one of the winners in the Monochrome category.