Lomography Awards: Analogue Intelligence: Special Category Award 2024

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Special Category Award 2024

Welcome to the open submission rounds for the Special Category of the Lomography Annual Photography Awards: the TEN AND ONE 2024!

To be able to touch something, to feel, to smell, to taste, and to have something in your hands that doesn’t disappear with the click of a button has always been the Lomographic way of life. Film photography connects us with human experiences. It is real and immediate. From the process of loading a film, to chasing the “decisive moment” of immortalizing a memory by the click of the shutter button, to seeing the developed negatives in the flesh – this authenticity is something to be cherished.

For this year's Special Category of the Lomography Awards, we invite you to revisit and explore the enduring role of film photography amidst the rise of artificial intelligence in the ever-evolving digital world. How do you capture emotions evoked by human experiences? Show us why analogue photography will never die through your tangible realities and inimitable vision.

You may submit as many photographs, taken using a film camera or any Lomography Art Lens, as you would like! You have until August 30, 2024 to join. Lomography, together with our panel of judges, will select five of the best photographs to be included in our Hall of Fame and each winner will take home a special Lomography camera. Best of luck to everyone!

Photo by natalieerachel.


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