Hey, guys! Welcome to our competition site! If you’re looking to showcase your great photography skills and get a chance to win amazing prizes from Lomography, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re inviting and encouraging all of you to send over your best photos so we can pass the good vibes around our community! And by submitting, you get a chance to win cool prizes worth over 20k in more than 100 competitions all year round. And as an icing to an already sweet deal, you have the chance to win the Category Awards or even become the Lomography Grand Prize Winner at the end of the year! How cool is that? So come on over and submit those stunning photos and wow us and your Lomo Friends. You can learn more about our competitions on our about page. Happy snapping!

Ongoing Competitions

Take Two

765 Submissions · In Progress ·
Take Two

A film swap is not just an intersection of two ideas, places, or images—it's a celebration of shared love for film photography! Share your best double exposure snapshots done with a fellow lomographer.

Latest Submissions

Finished Competitions

  • Trial and Error: Through A Pinhole

    492 Submissions · Finished ·
    Through A Pinhole

    Slow down and take it easy this brand new year. Shoot with a pinhole camera and show us the surreal, dreamy side of the world!

  • Tactile Images

    833 Submissions · Finished ·
    Tactile Images

    Prepare those blindfolds and let your sense of touch guide you in taking the perfect photograph!

  • Trial and Error: Experimental Photography: Trial and Error Award

    3,866 Submissions · Finished ·
    Experimental Photography: Trial and Error Award

    This competition serves as the "Open Submission Round" for the Trial and Error Award. Submit your best experimental photos.

  • Trial and Error: B Mode

    818 Submissions · Finished ·
    B Mode

    Switch your camera to B-mode and show us the wonders that the long exposure technique can do!

  • Trial and Error: Lomography X Brian May - A Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell Competition

    500 Submissions · Finished ·
    Lomography X Brian May - A Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell Competition

    Brian May is offering a signed copy of his Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell 3D book to one lucky reader. You can also win a Fisheye 2 Vibrant Orange edition to get you in the Halloween mood! Submit your spooky themed analogue shots here.

  • Trial and Error: Mash-ups

    724 Submissions · Finished ·

    Combine two contrasting photographs to create an unlikely scenario.

  • Seeing Double

    708 Submissions · Finished ·
    Seeing Double

    Allow us to meet your doppelganger with your well-crafted double exposure and splitzer photographs.

  • Trial and Error: Rad Redscale

    1,261 Submissions · Finished ·
    Rad Redscale

    Create an alternate universe drenched in shades of red, orange, and yellow.

  • Brian May: Queen in 3D Competition

    568 Submissions · Finished ·
    Brian May: Queen in 3D Competition

    We recently interviewed Brian May of Queen about his passion for stereo photography. We are now thrilled to offer you the chance of winning a signed copy of his new book "Queen in 3D" and a Diana F+ camera to start your own photography journey.

  • Soaked

    472 Submissions · Finished ·

    From classic concoction like lemon juice to crazy ones like boiling film roll with water, share your favorite film soup recipe and its psychedelic, out-of-this-world results.

  • Coffee, Beer, Wine

    199 Submissions · Finished ·
    Coffee, Beer, Wine

    These beverages are more than just a company or part of celebrations. Surprisingly, coffee, beer, and wine can be used to develop film negatives, too.

  • Pieta Brown x Lomography: In The Light of Visual Music

    467 Submissions · Finished ·
    Pieta Brown x Lomography: In The Light of Visual Music

    Lomography and musician Pieta Brown are teaming up for a competition inspired by her song "In The Light". Pieta will incorporate submissions in the official video for the song "In The Light (with Calexico)" from her recent album of collaborations, Postcards (March 2017, LUSTRE RECORDS).

  • Magnum Photos X Lomography: A 70th Anniversary Competition

    950 Submissions · Finished ·
    Magnum Photos X Lomography: A 70th Anniversary Competition

    Magnum Photos has partnered with Plinth to produce a range of unique merchandise to celebrate Magnum's 70th anniversary. Enter this fabulous competition to win the full range of special merchandise and a Lomo'Instant Lake Tahoe Edition.

  • The World Through a Prism

    249 Submissions · Finished ·
    The World Through a Prism

    Bend light to a rainbow, create clones, or harness a ghostly haze. Show us the cool photography effects one can get from using prism.

  • Seeing With Multiple Eyes

    540 Submissions · Finished ·
    Seeing With Multiple Eyes

    Freeze the action or create pop art-inspired images with your multi-lens camera.

  • Burning Sun

    1,502 Submissions · Finished ·
    Burning Sun

    For this "Trial and Error" challenge, overexposure is the name of the game. Pull the film up to two or three stops (if you're feeling bold!) for extra boost of sunshine. Or add dazzling atmosphere to your photographs with (accidental or intentional) light leaks.

  • Cloud Nothings x Lomography: Life Without Sound

    764 Submissions · Finished ·
    Cloud Nothings x Lomography: Life Without Sound

    Lomography is teaming up with Cloud Nothings for a photography competition to celebrate the release of their fourth album, Life Without Sound. We're looking for photographs which exemplify the spirit of Life Without Sound – photos that tell stories about rebirth, self-discovery, and evolution.

  • LomoMission: Alternative Route

    477 Submissions · Finished ·
    LomoMission: Alternative Route

    For this LomoMission, we're bringing the spotlight to alternative photography processes.

  • Color Shifts

    1,492 Submissions · Finished ·
    Color Shifts

    Take us to extraordinary wonderlands that are only accessible through experimental films.

  • Color Explosion

    405 Submissions · Finished ·
    Color Explosion

    It's not everyday that you get to see fireworks light up the sky. Test your skills at capturing these extravagant displays!