LomoMission: A Future for 120

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A Future for 120

Calling all medium-format enthusiasts! It's your time to shine and show off why shooting with 120 film is absolutely worth it.

With the convenience and fun of 35 mm combined with the detail and professional finish of large-format shots, 120 is a great middle ground that lets you explore the best of both worlds. As rule-breakers and embracers of the crazy way of life, we want to showcase just how distinctive and charming this format can be. So for this special LomoMission, we're challenging you to surprise us with your most out-of-the-box medium format shots! Don't be afraid to explore new techniques, experiment with different cameras, or get creative with color-shifting films.

Submit your best experimental photos taken using any 120 format film. Each participant can enter up to 10 photographs shot on medium format film. This competition will run until January 18, 2024. Good luck!

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Photo by yoscolmi.

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Congratulations to: gaz, lascimo, madedwicahyana, renata_duan & asschulz.