Finished Competitions

  • LomoMission: Life in a Flash

    928 Submissions · Finished ·
    Life in a Flash

    Don’t let your flash equipment gather dust on the shelf – take it out and shoot a dazzling display of light today!

  • LomoMission: Lomography x The National Portrait Gallery Yevonde: Life and Colour

    428 Submissions · Finished ·
    Lomography x The National Portrait Gallery Yevonde: Life and Colour

    In celebration of Yevonde: Life and Colour Exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery, we've teamed up with them to offer you the chance to win some prizes!

  • LomoMission: No Place Like Home

    1,765 Submissions · Finished ·
    No Place Like Home

    Take this time to celebrate the warmth, love, and familiarity of the place we hold closest to our hearts.

  • LomoMission: Lomography X Penumbra Foundation – Long Live the '90s

    727 Submissions · Finished ·
    Lomography X Penumbra Foundation – Long Live the '90s

    We've teamed up with the Penumbra Foundation for a community event to offer you the chance to have your photos displayed at the Lomography Pop-Up Exhibition in New York City on October 26th. This competition is open to submissions from North America only.

  • LomoMission: Siesta

    1,084 Submissions · Finished ·

    In the heat of the summer, it’s hard to find a way to cool down. How about taking a nap?

  • LomoMission: Lomography x The Booker Prizes – Memories of the Past

    1,635 Submissions · Finished ·
    Lomography x The Booker Prizes – Memories of the Past

    We have teamed up with The Booker Prizes to offer you a chance to win this year's International Booker Prize shortlist and a La Sardina!

  • LomoMission: Kaleidoscope World

    241 Submissions · Finished ·
    Kaleidoscope World

    Experiment with your film camera’s kaleidoscopic lens adapter and dip into the surreal wonderland of abstract analogue photography.

  • LomoMission: 1992.jpeg

    2,718 Submissions · Finished ·

    Inspired by the rebellious spirit of the ‛90s, we're bringing that unforgettable energy to the modern-day film shooter. Come and join the party as we celebrate the launch of our newest LomoChrome Color ‛92 ISO 400 film!

  • LomoMission: Hunt for Action

    1,557 Submissions · Finished ·
    Hunt for Action

    From action-packed exploration to breathtaking landscapes, capture it all this sunny season!

  • LomoMission: Beyond the Horizon

    981 Submissions · Finished ·
    Beyond the Horizon

    Step back, stretch the boundaries of your creativity, and show us the bigger picture with your panoramic photos.

  • LomoMission: Under the Sea

    428 Submissions · Finished ·
    Under the Sea

    Golden rule #1: Take your camera everywhere you go. Yes, even underwater!

  • LomoMission: Hanyauku

    725 Submissions · Finished ·

    Translate the sensation of what hanyauku feels into photographs.

  • LomoMission: Master of Light

    747 Submissions · Finished ·
    Master of Light

    Do you have what it takes to become a light painting master?

  • LomoMission: My Little Forest

    2,336 Submissions · Finished ·
    My Little Forest

    Capture the healing power of nature with the magic of film photography.

  • LomoMission: A Date with Diana

    920 Submissions · Finished ·
    A Date with Diana

    Rekindle your love for Lomography’s leading lady.

  • LomoMission: Lomography x Masseria Wave - The Liberation

    1,734 Submissions · Finished ·
    Lomography x Masseria Wave - The Liberation

    We have teamed up with Masseria Wave to offer you the chance of winning a stay in the amazing La Restuccia - Masseria Urban, a former Masseria in Salento (Puglia, Southern Italy), as well as The Liberation printed Zine, Lomography cameras and more!

  • LomoMission: Komorebi

    2,390 Submissions · Finished ·

    It's time to play with trees, sunlight, and shadows!

  • LomoMission: Depth of Field

    2,377 Submissions · Finished ·
    Depth of Field

    Let’s go back to one of photography’s core concepts as we start the year ahead!

  • LomoMission: Just Like the Movies

    2,385 Submissions · Finished ·
    Just Like the Movies

    Let your camera tell stories in a cinematic style and frame the next box office hit!

  • LomoMission: Less Is More

    2,500 Submissions · Finished ·
    Less Is More

    In life, it’s the little things that matter the most. Photography is also like that. Sometimes, less is definitely more.