Low-Light Snaps With the New Lomomatic 110

The 110 format has never been better, with the launch of our latest camera the Lomomatic 110. A pocket-sized camera that you can take anywhere, it’s a great format that can be used for any situation. With our latest offering, we made sure that the camera is suitable for those night owls who like wandering the neon-lit streets at all hours. Let’s check out some low light and night-time shots our testers got with the new Lomomatic 110.

Photos by Shadow Lau, Sunsern Poontavee, Yusuke Nakamura, Minseon

One of the coolest things about the Lomomatic 110 is the fact you can switch between two apertures, day mode (f/5.6) and night mode (f/2.8). The night mode, whether you’re shooting with the camera’s auto exposure or night bulb, will allow you to capture everything even in the toughest of lighting conditions.

Photos by Adrian Bilek and Yusuke Nakamura,

If you want to be more in control or play around with the shutter speed manually, using bulb mode during low light is always a good move. Bright flashing lights with fast-paced movement and slow shutter speeds are always unique and fun combinations that can give you results that you won't ever forget.

Photos by Francis Lee, Yusuke Nakamura, Brigit Buchart

Beyond the night mode, the Lomomatic 110 also comes equipped with a flash to brighten up those low-light situations. With a day and night mode to control the power of the flash, you can play around with the intensity of the flash to get even more creative. Adding the color gels to the flash will also add a creative flair.

Photos by Nikita Krakhofer, Amp Puttipong, Kota Sekiya, Melissa Peritore

With its compact size that easily lets you slip it in your pocket, the Lomomatic 110 camera is something that you can always take with you during your night-time adventures.

We thank our many testers for these wonderful photos. Be sure to check out the new Lomomatic 110 and order it today! What night-time adventure would you take the Lomomatic 110 to? Comment down below!

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