A Parisian Weekend With Coline and the Lomomatic 110

Today, we're chatting with the artist and content creator Coline Blf, who recently had the opportunity to try out our brand new Lomomatic 110 camera during a weekend in Paris. She shares the results with us here and tells us more about her relationship with film photography as well as her ongoing artistic projects!

Photo taken with the Lomomatic 110 by © Coline Blf

Hello and welcome to our online Magazine! Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello, I'm Coline Blf! I'm a videographer, singer and activist for social and environmental justice. I've been making videos on YouTube since 2018 about everything that fascinates me, and film photography is one of them!

I started getting interested in photography at the age of 14, before I even started making videos and thinking that it'd be my profession today. Being a big nostalgic and a fan of vintage things, my grandfather was the one who gave me my first film camera. It was a Konica that he used during his youth, and it allowed me to enter the world of photography, which I immediately loved.

© Coline Blf

You tried our new Lomomatic 110 camera. What were your first impressions?

First, I fell in love with the beauty of the camera itself, which attracted the curiosity of people I encountered in the streets. Its small size makes it really easy to use while wandering the streets of Paris, allowing me to capture moments of life in the most discreet and instantaneous way possible.

© Coline Blf

Are you familiar with this format?

This is my very first roll of 110 film, so I'm thrilled to experience it with this new camera and Lomography. It's been a fantastic discovery for me, since it has an even more vintage and nostalgic feel than the cameras I'm used to. And the final results of the photos are very surprising!

© Coline Blf

Many of your shots seem spontaneous and natural yet precise in terms of composition. What is your approach regarding improvisation and preparation?

I'm not a big fan of preparation. Whether in video or in photography, I like to leave room for reality and spontaneity. What I love about film photography is the authenticity that comes out of it, and that's what I wanted to experiment with when using this new camera.

So, I took it with me for a weekend in Paris which truly reflects my daily life, mixing activism, strolling around Paris and cultural outings. I tried to capture everyday details of the city that I stumbled upon during my walks, and that the camera was able to highlight.

We really like this shot. Could you tell us more about it?

© Coline Blf

This is a photo I took during a burlesque cabaret at the Théatre Clavel called "Les Vivi's Follies." I've had the opportunity to take photos and videos there several times, and I was curious to see how a 110 camera would capture the performance.

I really love the movement of the dancers' bodies in the shot, as well as the lighting and colors that came out of it. You could almost believe it's a painting rather than a photo.

© Coline Blf

Do you have any new projects you would like to mention?

I just released a new single called Rouge available on streaming platforms. It marks the beginning of a new musical project that I'm excited to share soon.

I'll also be performing at Botanique in Brussels on May 2nd, a concert venue that I love. You'll get to hear exclusives and discover my music there!

You can follow Coline's work on her instagram account and her other platforms!

The Lomomatic 110 camera is now available at our online store!

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