Tipster: Night-time Adventures With the Fisheye No.2


It’s no secret the the Fisheye No.2 is a great camera to have with you for a night on the town. It’s 170° field of view mixed with features such as multiple exposure, bulb mode and flash are just the right amount of tools to creatively capture a night out. Let’s take a look at some tips on how to make the most of your Fisheye No.2 when you’re out at a party!

Credits: rocket_fries0036

Breathe In and Hold For Bulb

As someone who is always conscious about using flash, sometimes using the bulb mode can get you that lowlight shot you’re after! With the default shutter speed of the Fisheye No.2 being 1/100 you can get creative. You can try getting longer shutter speeds of around 1/30 or 1/10 or you can hold it down to get those lovely blurry moments. With some practice, you can find the some sweet spots to get your perfect photos.

Credits: rocket_fries0036

Bulb + Flash

Pairing Bulb mode with flash is a fun combo that can leave you with breathtaking results. One thing to take note of is that just like some of our other cameras, when you use bulb mode the flash will fire during the 2nd curtain, which means it fires after you let go of the shutter button. This effect allows for a better exposed photo but with some fun background blurs and surprises.

Credits: rocket_fries0036

170° Portait

To get that iconic Fisheye No.2 photo you need to approach your subject and shoot them point blank with the flash on. Though sometimes it can be intimidating, the close-up fisheye shot is what the camera is known for and it will always give you unforgettable results. If you’re too shy to shoot strangers, gather your friends and capture everyone’s expressions and faces as the night progresses!

Credits: rocket_fries0036

Multiple Exposures

Lomographers @feifain and @rj14 showcase how to get more experimental during a night out. Combining the multiple exposure function with a mix of bulb, flash and colorful films like the LomoChrome Turquoise will make each Fisheye No.2 photo something to reminisce about long after the night is through.

Credits: feifain & rj14

Excited to bring your Fisheye No.2 to your next from-dusk-til-dawn adventure? Comment down below and tell us which technique you want to try out!

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Mentioned Product

Lomography Fisheye No. 2

Lomography Fisheye No. 2

See the world through 170⁰ of fabulous Fisheye distortion. Our Fisheye cameras use regular 35mm film. A built-in flash can be switched on so you could have more coverage in underwater depths or even at late night parties.


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