Davis Chee's First Impressions of Our New Lomomatic 110 Film Camera


Meet the Lomomatic 110 - the Sharpest, Most Creative Pocket-sized Camera on Earth!

We recently invited Davis Chee (@d_chee), a Hong Kong film enthusiast who has never tried shooting 110 film format before, to test Lomography’s Lomomatic 110 film camera! As a newbie to the 110 format, this Lomomatic camera brought Davis a whole new shooting experience. Let’s take a look at how he captured daily life with this 110 camera, and hear about his experience of using it for the first time!

@Lomography | Lomomatic 110 film camera

Hello Davis! Welcome to Lomography online magazine! Please tell us about your first impressions of the Lomomatic 110 camera.

My first impression is that this camera is very lightweight and the camera body is very easy to carry everywhere.

Before trying the Lomomatic 110, I had never thought that a small camera could have so many shooting functions and even including a flash. Although I am not very good at using flash, a detachable flash is very suitable for people with different tastes.

@d_chee | Lomomatic 110 film camera | 2021 LomoChrome Turquoise ISO100-400 110 film

Which features do you like the most?

What I like most is its sliding mechanism. You have to slide it every time when you take a picture. It's very mechanical.

@d_chee | Lomomatic 110 film camera | Lomography Color Tiger ISO 200 110 film

Please describe the Lomomatic 110 camera in three words!

Refreshing, light and flashy.

@d_chee | Lomomatic 110 film camera | LomoChrome Color '92 ISO 400 110 film

Is this your first time using the 110 format? What do you like about it?

This is my first time using the 110 film format. I have never tried using it before because of the size of the photo, so I didn’t have high expectations for the images. This Lomomatic shooting opportunity changed my mind. The results of the photos were better than I imagined. In addition, I really like that each photo has a "photo frame" and "film name" on it, which makes the entire film became a story.

@d_chee | Lomomatic 110 film camera | LomoChrome Color '92 ISO 400 110 film

Has shooting with the 110 camera changed your photography perspective and habits?

During testing, I found the camera is light enough to take it everywhere I go. I can use it every day! The photos that I would usually take with my phone have become something that I would first think about whether I could use film to record this moment.

@d_chee | Lomomatic 110 film camera | LomoChrome Color '92 ISO 400 110 film

Do you have any shooting tips for beginners using this camera?

The Lomomatic 110 camera is very easy to use. I personally think it will be better to use it to take close-up photos. But of course, enough light is also necessary while shooting.

What are your hopes for the 110 format in the future?

I'm hoping that there will be higher ISO films on the market and more places can develop 110 film.

Thank you Davis for sharing your insights and these Lomomatic shots with us! The Lomomatic 110 camera is now available at our online store!

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