Hong Kong Film Enthusiast Francis Lee's First Impressions of Our New Lomomatic 110 Camera

Meet the Lomomatic 110 - the Sharpest, Most Creative Pocket-sized Camera on Earth!

If you like to capture your daily life on film, Lomography’s latest Lomomatic 110 film camera is definitely for you! It is compact and portable, has a sharp glass lens, automatic exposure, adjustable ISO, zone focusing, and interchangeable apertures, allowing you to record your life on 110 film with unlimited creativity.

We recently invited Francis Lee (@francislee), a film enthusiast from Hong Kong, to try out the Lomomatic camera and share his experience with us. Let’s take a look at his wonderful street scenes captured with this creative 110 camera!

© Lomography | Lomomatic 110 film camera

Hello Francis! Welcome again to Lomography online magazine! What have you been working on recently?

Work begins to get busy in the new year, but I still keep my photography heart as always! I still insist on picking up the camera every day, capturing those different rhythmic steps, authentic expressions and silent changes. Sometimes I feel that photography is a dialogue between me and the environment, conveying my imagination and releasing emotions through the lens.

© @francislee | Lomomatic 110 camera | 2021 LomoChrome Turquoise ISO100-400 110 film

What was your first impression of the Lomomatic 110 camera ?

The Lomomatic 110 is simple and direct, making it easy for both experienced photographers and beginners to master and use. As long as you have an idea, it can help make it happen!

Which features do you like the most?

It is a surprise that this small camera has aperture adjustment, multiple exposures, built-in flash, and bulb mode for long exposures.

© @francislee | Lomomatic 110 film camera| Lomography Color Tiger ISO 200 110 film

Please describe the Lomomatic 110 camera in 3 words!

Light, simple and fast.

Is this your first time using the 110 format? What do you like about it?

I used 110 format cameras when I was a student. At that time, the price of 110 cameras and films were cheaper than 135 format, it was a good choice from an economic point of view. In addition, 110 cameras are easy to carry, simple to operate, and do not even require too many settings to shoot. It allowed me to focus more on composition and creation while shooting quickly. Today I still have a Canon 110ED camera. Just enjoy, "don't think, just shoot!"

© @francislee | Lomomatic 110 camera | LomoChrome Purple ISO 100-400 110 film

Has shooting with the 110 camera changed your photography perspective and habits?

It definitely changed my photography perspective and habits a bit. Compared to 35 mm cameras, the 110 camera is compact, portable and easy to operate, especially for street photography or scenes that need to be captured quickly. Moreover, 110 film has unique texture, graininess and color expression, which can add a primitive and rough retro feel to photos. Using it will give you an alternative shooting experience.

Do you have any shooting tips for beginners using this camera?

As I said, the 110 camera is for the most part easy to operate and doesn't even require much setup and adjustment to start shooting. It makes people pay more attention to the details and composition of the picture. It allows beginners to focus on finding interesting themes in a limited space; whether it is used during travel or daily life, it will bring a lot of fun to users. Beginners can enjoy the process of photography more easily and gradually develop their photography vision and skills.

© @francislee | Lomomatic 110 camera | 2021 LomoChrome Turquoise ISO100-400 110 film

What are your hopes for the 110 format in the future?

I hope to see more innovative 110 format camera designs. It may be that the design is more compact and lightweight, making it easier to carry and use. Of course, it must have an attractive and fashionable appearance. If relevant accessories can be produced, such as adding a front wide-angle lens, effect filters (star-shaped, gradient filters, etc.), or a shutter release used with long exposures, it will greatly increase the fun of shooting. I Don't worry when it comes to film. The experts at Lomography have developed many interesting 110 format films for users to use, and I believe there will be more choices in the future!

Thank you Francis for sharing your insights and these Lomomatic shots with us! The Lomomatic 110 camera is now available at our online store!

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Lomomatic 110

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