Five Reasons Why the Lomomatic 110 Camera is Your Next Adventure Buddy

To see the sunrise and greet clouds from an airplane, breathe fresh air at the mountain tops, or go below the surface with schools of fish: These are some things that come to mind when thinking about adventures. Enticing as they sound, not all adventures have to be so grand. Whether you’re just taking a different route to work or wandering without a plan, anything that allows you to expand your world and push your limits can be called an adventure. And we know just the perfect camera to take with you as you embark them all!

Here are five reasons why the all-new Lomomatic 110 is your next adventure bud!

Compact Size and Classic Slide

Having excess baggage can bring you down – literally and figuratively. The Lomomatic 110 is key to traveling light. Most moments worth capturing are fleeting, so it’s easy to miss them if you're scrambling through your bag to get your camera. Luckily, the Lomomatic 110 comes in a size compact enough to fit in your pocket! Its sliding mechanism also makes it easy for you to aim, compose, and shoot. With its unique cartridge design, there are fewer chances of damaging or accidentally exposing your film too. The Lomomatic 110’s unmatched portability, seamless blendability, and film security keeps your travels hassle-free.

Photos by Charlotte Pelleray, Charlotte Rae, Stephen Diamond, Nikita Krakhofer, Sunsern Poontavee, Shadow Lau

Premium Glass Lens

Don’t judge a book by its cover, or a camera by its size. The tiny-but-mighty Lomomatic 110 is equipped with a premium multi-coated Minitar CX glass lens, so you can relive your adventures through the best and sharpest 110 images yet. High quality moments deserve high quality optics, after all!

Photos by Charlotte Pelleray, Kota Sekiya, Sunsern Poontavee, Edwin Chau, Nikita Krakhofer

Automatic Exposure, Adjustable Aperture and ISO

You can leave the technicalities up to the Lomomatic 110 and its automatic exposure, so you can live in the moment without worrying about the outcomes. For times when you do want to have more control, there’s the adjustable aperture and ISO. For the former, you can choose “Day” mode when you’re outdoors or in well-lit environments, and “Night” mode when you’re indoors or in low-light places. For the latter, you can select from ISO 100, 200 or 400. The Lomomatic 110 will take care of you and your memories wherever adventure takes you.

Photos by Kota Sekiya, Nikita Krakhofer, Stephen Diamond, Shadow Lau

Zone Focusing

Observation is a great teacher. As Lomographers, it’s part of our nature to treat each adventure as a photo walk. We become more present and aware of our surroundings, our senses heighten, and we feel calm but alert at the same time. When looking around, many things can catch our attention but not all of these things are nearby. That doesn’t have to stop us, though! Whether your chosen subject is within reach or not, the Lomomatic 110 can capture it well given its four focusing zones – 0.8 m, 1.5 m, 3 m, and infinity. Adventures can be quite unpredictable, and the zone focus slider helps adapt easily to take clear images from any distance.

Photos by Melissa Peritore, Stephen Diamond, Ron Lau, Shadow Lau, Nikita Krakhofer, Jakob Schnabel

Eye-Level View

In a digital world, we choose to actively engage in analogue photography for many reasons, one of them being its less curated and more realistic look. Further embodying this, the Lomomatic 110 was designed to give a feeling of being at eye level so you can capture life the way you see it. Each photograph, sprinkled with grain and nostalgia, can cause a resurgence of the feelings during that adventure. You will be reminded of how the moment caught your heart and what made you want to remember it. The Lomomatic 110 is a window to your beautiful world as it takes slices of your life and fragments of your memories, telling a story of what you deeply value and feel drawn to.

Photos by Shadow Lau, Sunsern Poontavee, Kota Sekiya, Adrian Bilek

Break free from the everyday routine by going on an adventure, no matter how big or small. It is by trying something new that we strengthen our trust and confidence in ourselves – so go on that walk, hit the road, start the journey, and take the Lomomatic 110 with you!

Head over to our online shop to meet the Lomomatic 110 – your pocketable companion to all your adventures.

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