Around the World in Analogue: Mount Bromo, Indonesia


“Around the World in Analogue” is your bite-size guide to the most amazing travel destinations around the globe, as told by the members of the Lomography community. Today, Ekeu Pratama (@ekeupratama) takes on an incredible journey to the center of Mount Bromo, one of Indonesia's active volcanoes.

Credits: ekeupratama

The name "Mount Bromo" was derived from the Sanskrit, Brahma, which is one of the main gods of the Hindu religion. One of many active volcanoes in Indonesia, it spreads across four districts in East Java, Indonesia and its height is about 2.329 m or 7.641 ft. I am fascinated by it, so I went to Bromo in August because the weather is fine and it is the right season for the best sunrise view. I brought the LC-A+ RL to document my travel and loaded it with Kodak Ultramax 400.

Credits: ekeupratama

I departed from Jakarta to Malang by train and the trip lasted for 16 hours. I went to Mount Bromo from Malang in the midnight to wait for the sunrise. Mount Bromo is a well-known tourist place because of its scenery so there were a lot of local and foreign tourists who were also waiting.

Credits: ekeupratama

Right before the sunrise, this beautiful scenery mesmerized my eyes. How beautiful the mist covering Mount Bromo was — as if the landscape was floating in air. A few moments later, I started to walk to its crater. Whether we like it or not, the sandy terrain made us wear a face mask and glasses. There are lots of local people who rented their horse for tourists to ride until near the crater. When I arrived at the crater, I could smell the sulfur and hear its noisy sound. You know, it was a bit scary because the distance between the crater and the track were so short. I feel grateful that I was able to visit this place, hopefully, I can go here again next time with other cameras.

Credits: ekeupratama

Thank you for taking us to Mount Bromo, Ekeu!

To capture his adventures, Ekeu used a Lomo LC-A+ RL and Kodak Ultramax 400. To see more of his work, drop by his LomoHome.

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    Incredible shoots!!

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    Cool adventure and nice shots!

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    thank you so much ! @MYLUCKYART @PMONROE

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    Bromo on nice weather is never disappointing you. nice shots btw

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