@pixleepics on Discovering Analogue Photography and His Love of 110 Format

Starting a journey in analogue photography can come from anywhere. For some, they get curious after discovering old cameras that relatives leave behind, and others get mesmerized with the characteristics and process of shooting with the analogue format. Sasha (@pixleepics) was already working in an adjacent industry and was always interested in trying the format. After his partner gifted him a LomoApparat last year he fell down the rabbit hole, becoming one of the top newcomers on Lomography for 2023. Recently he’s been trying out different film stocks and formats, notably dabbling with 110 film. Today talk to Sasha about his film journey, what he likes about 110 and the LomoApparat, and what he wants to achieve in 2024.

Credits: pixleepics

Greetings, can you introduce yourself to the Lomography community and tell us how you started your analogue journey?

My name is Sasha and my career is in programming and booking films for cinema exhibitions. I have been interested in photography since childhood, but until recently the photography I did with intention was all digital. I got my boyfriend an Instax camera for Christmas and then he got me a LomoApparat for my birthday a couple of months later because I had talked about wanting to challenge myself by shooting film.

You were actually among our top newcomers for the year 2023! Can you tell us what led you to the community?

Starting my analogue journey with a Lomography camera and seeing all the great work and resources drew me right away when I started with analogue in February 2023. I've made some great connections and am even planning a photo shoot with another Lomographer I met through the community.

How would you describe your style of photography?

I feel like I'm still figuring that out. I will say that I am most interested in people and how we interact with each other and our surroundings. Even when shooting a landscape I am most interested personally when there are people or things made by people in the photograph. I want to share that with people who follow my photography.

Credits: pixleepics

You use an array of cameras but your recent albums using the 110 format are what caught my eye. Can you tell us how you started using this format? What are some things you like about 110?

I was initially drawn to the physical form factor. Having an analogue camera that I could literally put in my pocket was very attractive, and after that, I found that I really enjoyed the look of 110 film. The pronounced grain and lens effects on the cameras I have used lend a very candid but nostalgic feel for me.

You have used both a Diana Baby 110 and a vintage Kodak 110 camera! How would you compare the two and what are some things you learned while shooting both cameras?

The Kodak is larger and very basic in its use as compared to the Diana Baby, where I loved the ability to change lenses and use an angled or bounced flash. In addition to using it on the streets, it's great fun to bring out at parties.

In terms of the 110 format what kind of things would you want to see in the coming months or years?

I would love to see other companies follow Lomography's lead and introduce more options. I would also be thrilled for Lomography to introduce new films in the format. My pie-in-the-sky wish would be a new 110 SLR.

Credits: pixleepics

San Francisco and Oakland seem like really fun places to shoot. Where are some of your favorite areas for photography?

I'm very lucky to be able to live and work in such a vibrant and photogenic place! Golden Gate Park is like a thousand places in one and I always find something interesting when I visit. The Mission District is similarly always beautiful and inspiring for me. I have recently started to spend a lot of my time in Seattle and have loved having another place to draw inspiration from.

You have also used our LomoApparat. How was your experience using the camera?

I love it! It was how I started my analogue photography and I still return to it as my go-to camera for daily carry as well as parties and events. The super wide angle means I can catch so much in a photo (including my own fingers on more than one occasion) and the flash gels and lens accessories are always a great way to pull myself out of a photographic rut.

Credits: pixleepics

What are some tips and tricks you learned while using it?

When using the LomoApparat don't ever be afraid to get as close to the subject as you can, and don't stress out about making a "perfect" image. It's a camera for the moment and for wild creativity.

What goals do you have this year in terms of photography?

In 2023 I was getting a handle on the basics of analogue photography, including learning to develop and scan my own film. In 2024 I want to shoot with more intention and am working on setting up some portrait and fashion shoots with friends and local performers. I am also hoping to explore darkroom printing and focus more on shooting medium format. I really appreciate what Lomography has been doing to keep medium format affordable.

Are there any words of advice you want to give the rest of the community?

My bio on Instagram is "I'm not very good, but I'm having fun" and I would say that while I'm shooting more and more photographs that I'm really proud of, I wouldn't be building skills if I wasn't having fun while doing it. Make the photos that bring you joy, using the tools that make you happy. If you keep doing that you're coming out ahead. The skills will follow from that.

Credits: pixleepics

We thank Sasha for his wonderful photos! Be sure to keep up with him and watch his journey unfold through his LomoHome and Instagram. What camera or film stock made you start film photography? Comment down below!

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