i do photography mostly when i travel, and I can do some travel for vacation again after a long time during i could not...

My pictures are mostly "scapes" : landscapes, urbanscapes, indoor scapes.
My pictures are also oriented toward triviality, not trying to focus on the exceptionnal, more about the small things of life.

As new direction that doesn't need travels, I would like to build stagings with mates inspired by fashion and lifestyle pictures, integrating characters into the "scapes".

I bought a Diana F+ some days ago and discovered this website. I uploaded two last travels. I'm testing the Diana F+ and I'll upload the good pictures if i have some... I won't upload my old archive because i want to focus on new production (also i'm lazy but perhaps I'll upload some time to times, caught by Kodak E100G nostalgia ^^).

I'm happy to discover this very active website and active comunity, and already very friendly :)

(sorry for my approximative english)

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