I've always loved photography and when I was 17, I bought my first digital camera. A Minolta of course since my father swore by this brand. He had immortalized all our family and travel memories with his Minolta XG-2 and his famous Rokkor 50mm 1:1.4.

In short, for 20 years, I took thousands of photos and as often, they sleep at the bottom of a hard disk or a USB key.

A little over a year ago, my father passed away. When I picked up his things, I came across his two film cameras, the Minolta and a Canon that he had bought in 1979 for his first trip to Corsica with my mother.

When I saw his two cameras, in perfect condition, like new, I immediately said to myself that I had to switch to film, it was obvious. I went to buy some film and I shot.

Today, I am still starting out in this magnificent world of film photography. I take the time to think about what I want to immortalize, I take the time to compose, I take the time to look at what I see. I take a picture that I touch myself and I take a lot of pleasure.

And then, I have this strange impression that with each photo taken with a film camera, at the very moment when the shutter clicks, what I see through the lens is marked in my memory at the same moment.

2024 : I also sometimes take a digital, a Fujifilm which allows me to have fun at a lower cost since films have become very expensive recently

📷 Canon A-1 + Canon 50mm f:1.4 S.S.C
📷 Minolta XG-2 + Rokkor 50mm f:1.4
📷 Minolta CLE + M-Rokkor 40mm f:2
📷 Minolta Hi-Matic F + Rokkor 38mm f:2.7
📷 Fujifilm X-S10 + Sigma 18-50 mm f:2.8 DC DN + Fujinon XF23mm f:2 R WR + Viltrox AF 85mm f:1.8 II

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