Around the World in Analogue: Nice/Èze, France

We've previously featured community member Martina Vilar del Valle's travels to Peru and Croatia in 2016 and 2021. This time she returns to the magazine to tell us about her trip to Nice, France at the start of the summer season.

Nestled within the French Riviera, Nice is known for its captivating narrow streets, seaside and hilltop views, and of course a splendid food culture. Coupled with its laid-back atmosphere and long, colorful history, it remains a favorite among not just tourists but artists such as film photographer Martina. Let's her about her trip!

Credits: @martinaa

Name: Martina Vilar del Valle
LomoHome: @martinaa
Social media: Instagram: @martivilar
Camera: Canon z115
Film: Kodak Ultramax 400
Location: Nice/Èze, France

Nice is a beautiful city in the south of France, that we were lucky to visit before the summer season began. I was coming from two winters in a row, since I had recently moved from South America to Barcelona and skipped the summer in the process of changing hemispheres.

Credits: @martinaa

May is the month of my birthday, and we decided to celebrate in a city we’ve never been to, with my family who came to visit. From the first day, it was a dream. I don’t know if it was the city, the reunion with my family or the fact that I hadn’t really felt that warm in months.

I had dreamed of the south of France for a while. Before moving to Barcelona, I had also lived in the north of France, in a cold and cloudy city called Lille that I completely loved - except for its constant state of greyness.

Credits: @martinaa

Nice, to me, was somehow stuck in time - in a good way. The calm before the summer season was palpable, it felt quite literally like a breeze. We were only there for three days but it was more than enough to daydream about coming back for an entire summer someday: having my own balcony to drink my wine in, going to the beach, reading lots of books and just relaxing.

The architecture is pretty much how I imagined it to be: very colorful, very mediterranean, very beautiful. Which is why most of my photos revolve around old buildings and dreamy balconies.

Our trip was crowned by the fact that we had the best ever salad - a recipe that I will only share with those who deserve it - on our last night there, at a restaurant that had a view of the port.

Credits: @martinaa

I portrayed the trip with my Canon Z115 automatic camera. A companion that I take with me everywhere I go and never ever fails to capture the uniqueness and magic of each place, hopefully helping me to engrave them in my memory.

We'd like to thank Martina for sharing her travel photos and stories with us! To keep in touch, visit her LomoHome and Instagram Page.

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