All In One Frame: The Power of the Horizon Perfekt Panoramic Camera


A dilemma for every photographer: which camera should you bring when preparing your bag for an outing? We always want to make sure that we can catch as much beauty as possible, especially if your destination has a breathtaking landscape.

Today, we want to highlight the properties of a camera that is underestimated. Its compact and lightweight body and manual control makes the Horizon Perfekt Panoramic Camera a delightful camera to take along on your excursions. We shot this series with a roll of Lomography Color Negative 35 mm ISO 400.

Photos by Elisa Parrino

A master of the panoramic frame is Josef Koudelka, who's used this format since the 1980s and developed his work on borders and landscapes, the human impact on the land, and the use of earth resources.

This format lends itself perfectly to depict the vastity of the land in front of us. Which grants a deeper extension of the scene we are trying to depict. The stretched field of view of the Horizon Perfekt Panoramic Camera allows a 120-degree view, which results in extra space on your frames, to become 24x58 mm supported by a 28 mm focal length.

The camera has a manual setting that allows you to control any light situation, going from an f2 to f16, and a shutter speed that ranges from 1/500 to 1/2. The bubble, visible through your viewfinder, will help you to get the horizon line straight when using a tripod, but is quite useful when using the camera hand held as well.

Photos by Elisa Parrino

When the horizon line is not perfectly aligned, there is a "barrel effect" which distorts the image for a dynamic effect on the vanishing lines on the corner of your frame. While the glass lens secures sharpness, the fixed lens lets you to be carefree and not to worry about focusing. Everything in your frame will be in focus.

Often, if we are going on an excursion we wish to have a camera that is lightweight. Also, having a fixed lens puts your mind at ease and allows you not to worry about having the "right" lens. But one thing we don't want to compromise is the manual setting control to best calibrate a shot. That's why the Horizon Perfekt checks so many boxes.

Photos by Elisa Parrino

Its unconventional frame size invites the whole scene to be framed, while creating a perfectly straight horizon with slightly skewed lines brings to life dynamic and unexpected compositions. Not only are the frames intriguing horizontally, but they are equally surprising when taken vertically.

Care must be taken when loading the film. Make sure that it goes under the take-up spool to fasten the film correctly and that it is evenly aligned and lays flat on the guides. Remember that one roll of 36 shots will give you up to 24 frames.

The Horizon Perfect carries with it the dual ability to create perfectly horizontal images or snap a frame on the go. When you take it with you anywhere you go and experience the world in its entirety, this camera lets you take in all the beauty, like a big breath of fresh air. When you see your pictures you will feel immediately transported back to those places, and to the majestic sight of your adventures.

What is your favorite format for landscape photography? Have you ever used a panoramic camera? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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