5 Ways to Create Striking Silhouettes

2015-10-07 2

Here’s how to lure light to the dark side.

Go against the “against the light” policy.

Too much sun is a photographer’s nemesis. When its glare is not bleaching tourist snaps, it coaxes shadows to preside over a picture. Sometimes the subject is the shadow. This happens when the photo is of someone posing by a sun-lit window. Hence the well-meaning advice: “Go against the light.”

But what one photographer dislikes the other loves. So those who want to create dark silhouettes, reverse the advice and face the light.

Credits: zhenyaetoya & petit_loir

Have textural interest around the blackened figures.

A shadow is more visible when it is contrasted by something light. Even better if the surrounding areas create depth or foggy illusions.

Credits: hodachrome & fotobes

Make silhouettes out of fully visible figures through multiple exposure.

To create second-hand shadows, overwrite photos of your friends with a marvelously detailed image. Delay your winding!

Credits: hodachrome & susielomovitz

At night, angle yourself in such a way that light sources hit the right spot in your silhouette target.

The night is rich with silhouettes. Wrap them in black and white mystery: look for street lights that form a triangle and other glowing elements.

Credits: -dakota- & enial

Have intense vignettes around a vibrant vista.

Make the rims of your picture dark to direct attention to your silhouette. Do this by switching on the vignette setting of your camera or making your own vignette filter.

Credits: needle76, wil6ka, suizidekid, eva_eva, hodachrome & kleinerkaries

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