Lomo Amigo Anne Marthe Widvey from Norway


Here’s an interview with our Norwegian Lomo Amigo, photographer and blogger Anne Marthe Widvey.

Anne Marthe Widvey

Name: Anne Marthe Widvey
Age: 21
Profession: Photographer & Blogger
Country: Norway
Blog: www.annemarthewidvey.blogspot.no

Tell us about yourself. What do you do for a living? What are your interests?

My name is Anne Marthe and I’m a 21 year old girl from Norway who loves photography more than anything. I live in a small town called Haugesund with my three cats and my boyfriend. I work as a full time photographer at “Studio Foto Erik” in Haugesund, where I take studio portraits, fashion pictures, commercial and business pictures. Beside my work, I do nature, street, levitation and art photography. I don’t edit my pictures very much, and I never use flash.

I have a Facebook page with more than 35.000 followers. It´s called Anne Marthe Widvey Photography, and here I upload my photo projects and other work. I have just finished a “52 weeks” project and a “nifty 50 challenge” project. I also completed a 365 project last year. I also have a photography blog. (www.annemarthewidvey.blogspot.no)

Besides photography, I love music. Some of my favorite bands/artists are Fidlar, Nirvana, Juliette and the licks, Kindred fever, Guns, Johnny Cash and Bob Marley. I also have a passion for animals, and cats are my favorites. I love travelling and exploring new things. London is one of my favorite cities.

How long have you been a photographer? You started with analogue or from digital and then you come back to analogue?

I’ve been taking pictures since I was a little girl. I got my first analogue camera when I was around 6 years old. It was a big red Kodak camera from Fisher Price toys. I’ve used film before I started out with digital photography. Together with my boyfriend I travelled to London in 2009. There I saw one of Lomo Diana F+ cameras in the Urban Outfitters store on Oxford Street. I bought it, and loved the effect! I was so excited, and bought the complete Jack White Holga camera. camera collection. I use both analog and digital cameras. Normally I shoot with a Nikon D800, but in addition I have around 30 analog cameras.

Are you new to the world of Lomography? Have you got a LomoHome on the Lomography website?

I’ve had an account on Lomography’s website for a while, but I’ve never been active. So I guess I can call myself a beginner. I don’t have a LomoHome, but I’m gonna get one now!

What’s your favorite analogue camera? Why? Tell us about your experience with the La Sardina.

I guess my favorite analogue camera is my “Holga Jack White”: http://microsites.lomography.com/whitestripes/jack camera. I love all the effects and filters I get with it. I also love my La Sardina camera. It’s so simple, easy and cute. I have the white one, and it’s so adorable! I also love the lens on the La Sardina camera. It’s not heavy, and the flash is amazing. I also love that you can use different colored filters on the flash.

It’s so easy to take pictures with it! The best part is that it is made for 35mm film instead of 120mm film. It only takes a few days until I get my film developed.

You take photos of babies, fashion brands, wedding day, and rock bands. What’s your way to approach to these different subjects?

When I take pictures in my studio, like baby, newborn, family and so on, I have to be the happiest person. I need to be funny so I can get them to smile, I need to be focused and I need to show that I’m a professional photographer. I need to give them the best memories. It’s the same with wedding photography only that’s more commanding. They’re only doing this once and you are the only one who’s taking their pictures. They expect that you get great pictures of their special day and that you get pictures of every single moment. I always get really nervous before the wedding day.

When I take fashion portraits and band portraits I’m free. I do whatever I want to do, and I can take the pictures in several days. I can use different lenses and I don’t need to be that professional. I can be myself 100%. When I take fashion pictures, I have to think about what their clothes look like, what models I need and where I’m going to shoot my pictures. If the clothes are light, romantic and girly I need a natural beauty model. I’ll have a few locations, where some of them could be in a street, in a garden or in a light room.

I took all the band pictures for Kindred Fever, my boyfriend’s band. Those are my favorites. I love and adore their music and have the same style as them, so we’re working great together. I know exactly what I want to take, and they know exactly what I mean. A great bonus is that they’re both photogenic. 

Kindly choose and share 2 to 3 analogue photos to post with this article and tell us why you chose them. Is there a story linked to them that you want to tell us?

This is a picture from my latest analog project called “The Silent Street”. I guess this is one of my favorite analog pictures. I love the contrast. The project is about the silence in a city. You find traces of life, but there’s nobody there. We talk about how silent our city is, but if you’re looking closely you can see signs of life everywhere. People are also complaining about how ugly and rotten their city looks, but if you take your time and really look at it, it’s beautiful. It’s art!

This is my first Diana picture. The wood shouldn’t be on my back actually. I forgot to roll my film so my two pictures got merged into one. When I got my film back, I was so shocked. I didn’t understand a thing. How did this happen? After reading on the Internet I understood. I think it turned out pretty well!

This is one of my favorite pictures, because I love how my hands aren’t in focus and how the bird flies into the light. I feel a bit freedom in this picture. I used this in my 365 days project last year. This was the text to the picture: Day 178 I love when the sun shines through the blinds. It is so beautiful and peaceful.

If your photos shown here had a soundtrack, what song would be playing?

Pic. 1: To my new project called “The Silent Street” I would use Hey by the Pixies. I love that song and its sound so beautiful but the text it’s so sad.

Pic 2: I have no idea what song fits actually. I guess maybe Where is my mind. Always by the Pixies.

Pic 3: I guess God is in the house by Nick Cave and the bad seeds.

What about Norwegian Photographers? What’s your favorite and why?

I have to disappoint you here. I have no favorite Norwegian photographer. I ADORE Terry Richardson from New York. I also am a super fan of a photographer from Russia: Anastasia Volkova. She takes the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen. She shoot with both digital and film.

Any advice for young photographers and bloggers out there?

My advice is to be yourself and don’t let anyone tell you that your photography sucks. If someone does, ignore them, and let them see better work from you! Get inspired by other photographers instead of being jealous and imitate others work. Bring your camera with you all the time, and don’t stop taking pictures. Make your own style and create your own look.

If you get sad or angry with someone, think about my favorite song from Bob McFerrin: In life we have some trouble, when you worry you make it double. Don’t worry, be happy.

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