Wide and Endless – Lomo LC-Wide Panorama by @gaz


When we think of a traditional panoramic photograph, the first thing that comes to mind is a sweeping shot of nature scenes, landscapes, city skylines, or architecture. These Lomo LC-Wide photographs taken by community member @gaz suggest surreal panoramic possibilities.

Credits: gaz

The Lomo LC-Wide takes stunning wide-angle photos with its 17mm Minigon Ultra-Wide Lens, but it also gives you the option to shoot in classic landscape format, square, or half-frame. @gaz took advantage of its ability to capture endless panoramic photos.

Credits: gaz

A scene seamlessly melting into the next one, frames overlapping – where does it stop, where does it begin? @gaz lets you in on a secret:

Shooting panoramic photos with the LC-Wide is easy! I like experimenting with different angles, multiple exposures, long exposures, flash gels, and different types of film. Because the camera has such a wide-angle, you can get great images even close up. My advice would be to be patient as it takes a while to finish a roll (because you're using only a half-frame per shot). Also, it helps to find a lab that can scan your negatives this way as it is a different scanning process! Just be creative and experiment with it. You will get some really great panoramics!
Credits: gaz

Do you have a Lomo LC-Wide? Enjoy its multi-format capabilities and try these tips if you haven't tried it yet!

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