Lomography Newcomers: @boatchiaowit on the Lomo LC-A+ and Capturing the Songkhla Kite Festival

Today we meet our ninth Lomography Newcomer, Chiaowit Phatthanasukphan (@boatchiaowit), in Songkhla City. A documentary photographer who works with both mediums of photography — digital and analogue film — his work mostly covers social and environmental issues around Thailand.

In Chiaowit’s hometown, located in Southern Thailand, he tells us that film photography has been gaining popularity among locals. He attributes it to all the new film stocks released, pulling people in and giving more novice and seasoned film photographers avenues to explore and experiment within the analogue medium — one of many including Lomography’s newest LomoChrome Color ’92 35 mm ISO 400.

Credits: boatchiaowit

Having started his film photography journey back in 2009, Chiaowit noted that having an original version of the Lomo LC-A with him early on in his analogue practice was vital to him learning more about the technicalities of film and how you can push the form all while using a 35 mm compact camera.

Impressed with the quality build of the LC-A that could last a lifetime, he still keeps the camera in rotation, along with a Diana.

Credits: boatchiaowit

Looking for a creative platform to share his film photographs and see a wide range of analogue photos taken by fellow film photographers from around the world, Chiaowit discovered the Lomography community and joined in April 2024:

“...I like the community here, unlike anywhere else. I was amazed to see photos from other places and different ways of taking photos. So I would like to share some pictures from Thailand. And hope that friends can see it from a Thai perspective.”
Credits: boatchiaowit

Over a decade of keeping his Lomo LC-A glued to the hip, Chiaowit has built a collection of 35 mm film photos that portray a lived-in, soulful life. With most of those film photographs being shot on the classic camera, he shares a few practical reasons why he has carried on with the LC-A throughout the years:

“I like the zone-focusing feature since it makes it possible to take images quickly. I also like the small and compact size of the camera since it doesn’t pose as an intimidating camera to whoever is being photographed with it.”
Credits: boatchiaowit

Browsing through Chiaowit’s LomoHome would lead you to the photographs he took on his Lomo LC-A during the Songkhla Kite Festival. The yearly festival brings people to Songkhla for a memorable and imaginative event for people of all ages. Surrounded by a wide range of nostalgic and fan-favorite kites and inflatables soaring through the sky, the festival is quite a sight to behold. Hence, the perfect playground to capture images on film to last a lifetime and to freeze these special moments in time.

Credits: boatchiaowit

One of the reasons why Chiaowit continues to shoot on film is simply its charm. The tangibility, texture, and the human feeling are all involved in the process of capturing an image on film. There’s a kind of rush that’s brought to life by clicking the shutter and being equally nervous (but also excited!) with the image you’ll be capturing.

“...and it's even more exciting when we wait to see the developed photo results. And the minute we see it, we get to recall and remember the stories behind each photograph.”
Credits: boatchiaowit

Relating one’s LomoHome to one’s creative home base for film photographers to learn more about themselves and what the medium of photography means in their lives, Chiaowit shares what he loves about the Lomography Community:

“The Lomography Community is a community unlike any other with how it encourages creative experimentation and exploring varied photography techniques. It's like another world present in the photography industry. If anyone is open to experimenting and finding new identities in one’s photography practice, this place might be right for you.”

Thank you to @boatchiaowit for speaking with us and sharing his film journey with us! See more of Chiaowit's photos over at his LomoHome.

Looking to join a global community of creatives and artists who all share a love for film? Join Lomography and create your own LomoHome here.

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