Colors, Mirrors, and a Lot of Whimsy: a Photo Story by Jamie Noise


Fun, spontaneous, fantastic — these words might just sum up our conversation with photographer and artist Jamie Noise. He has a certain air of candidness that's both refreshing and disarming. And that's just the beginning of his quirky artistic photo story. His photos? Well, we might need more than three words to describe those.

© Jamie Noise, All rights reserved.

What you get with Jamie’s photography is an eclectic mix of incredibly fun-looking portraits and off-the-cuff styling. It's easy to see that his subjects are enjoying Jamie's one-of-a-kind spotlight when it comes to the shoot — it just looks like fun from all angles. This style of portraiture reminds us why we love the analogue photography community so much. It's filled with larger-than-life characters on and off the camera.

Jamie's photographs jump out of the frame. His angles, the way he uses colors and effects, the mood, the styling — all of these things come together like a symphony of visuals captured on film. Here's what Jamie has to say about choosing film photography: “I love the romance of it, the smell, the feel, but primarily it’s the awesome aesthetic of film that I love. Images shot on film have a real sexy nostalgia to them, like you’re capturing a memory from a different time. Shooting on film seems more special and considered.”

© Jamie Noise, All rights reserved.

It's a complicated feat, but he makes it look easy. We asked him how a usual shoot goes for him. He said that he tries to keep it simple but the truth is there's really a lot that goes into each shot.

“I’ve never been formally trained or educated in photography, so I just try to keep my setup as simple as possible. I tend to use handheld flashlights or lamps with colored bulbs. When shooting moodier shots, I like to really underexpose the shot then make adjustments in post. As for vibrancy in my images, that’s down to the film and color adjustments. I tend to shoot on Lomography 800 35 mm or Polaroid 600 and like to do color adjustments to individual colors until I’ve got a color palette I’m happy with.”

Throw all of those factors along with his spontaneous approach to photography and you've got yourself a glitzy, glamorous, and moody style. He has a strong idea of what he wants to capture and lays down all of the details before hitting the shutter.

© Jamie Noise, All rights reserved.

We would like to thank Jamie sharing his work with us. Jamie will be stateside this coming November or December. Follow him on Instagram to see more of his work.

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  1. evansabahnurd
    evansabahnurd ·

    Wow I love these! I've never followed someone on instagram so fast after reading an article about them. The colours are incredible <3

  2. ces1um
    ces1um ·

    Those really are pretty amazing portraits.

  3. robertquietphotographer
    robertquietphotographer ·

    These colours are special! And for sure there is a real good connection between the photographer ans his models.

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