Fix the Sticky-Shutter Problem of the LC-A

2013-02-21 10

Older LC-A cameras have often the problem, that the shutter is not opening anymore. In the tipster I show you how fix the sticky shutter problem.

Sometimes you can get your hands on a cheap LC-A, but when you are testing it out, you notice that the shutter is not working properly.

With this tutorial I show you how to disassemble, clean, and reassemble your LC-A so that it will work again.

These are the tools I used:

  • cross-headed screwdriver (size 00)
  • flat headed screwdriver (size 2.4 & 2.0)
  • match stick with one end cut flat headed
  • tweezer
  • cotton buds
  • isopropyl alcohol

You will need the match stick to loosen the leatherette of the LC-A, because some screws are under it.
When you are disassembling the camera, work gentle and be cautious so you do not pull of any wires or you have to solder them back.

Disassembling the LC-A
Before you can clean the shutter blades, you have to disassemble the camera. First, the lens protection will be taken off. For this you have to unscrew the screws on booth sides. There are two screws on each side, in total four screws.

After the lens protection we will remove the top. So here you have to remove the leatherette, because one screw is underneath it.

Two screws are on the backside and the last two screws are under the rewind lever.

To get on these screws you have to remove the rewind lever. So for this hold the rewind shaft still, and then you can unscrew the whole rewind lever top by moving it anti-clockwise.

Now we take of the bottom.

After you removed the plastic part of the bottom you can see the black foam pad which holds the battery door closed.

Attention: this pad is loose and it falls of easily out of the camera

After unscrewing the top and bottom of the body the next part is the viewfinder. First you unscrew the circuit board…

… and then the viewfinder.

After removing the viewfinder you can see a little sliding rod underneath it. This rod is for the needle in the viewfinder to show in which zone the lens is focused at. Take it out with the tweezer.

Removing the lens

After disassembling the body we will now remove the lens to get to the shutter blades.
First we lift the cocking arm and swing it away.

Then we unscrew the negative battery connector, because it is attached to the circuit board which is around the lens.

Now we unscrew the rings around the lens.

The last ring can be easily pulled off, and after removing the rings we loose the screws of the lens plate (blue marks) and the screws which hold the lens plate on the body (red marks).

When the unscrewing is done you can remove the lens plate from the body (be careful both parts are still connected through some wires). Now you can loosen the screws of the circuit board (yellow marks) and of the lens (red marks).

When you are done with it lift both parts and then you can remove a sliding contact.

The next step is to unscrew the last connection of the circuit board and shutter to have the shutter free from the LC-A.

Cleaning the shutter

After you remove the shutter plate from the body and lens you can now start to clean it. To get to the shutter blades just unscrew the last the three screws.

After removing the metal plate you can now remove each blade separate (be cautious here: the blades may not be bent). To clean the blades use the cotton buds soaked in isopropyl alcohol. Clean both sides of the blades and also the plates where the shutter blades are attached to.

Reassembling the LC-A

To reassemble the camera just do the steps backwards. When putting the camera back together watch out that the cocking arm is in the right position or the film is not wind anymore.

And when the top is put back on the little metal plate has to be underneath it, because it resets the frame counter when the back door is opened.

Have fun bringing some old LC-A cameras back to life.

written by tesatscad on 2013-02-21 #gear #tutorials #fix #camera #repair #problem #tipster #shutter #tutorial #lc-a #sticky-shutter
translated by tesatscad

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  1. djramsay
    djramsay ·

    i will try this at the weekend :)

  2. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    If I did this, I'd have at least three screws left over at the end! (But I don't have an LC-A, so it's ok... ;-). Excellent article, though - really clear and detailed. Bravo!

  3. istionojr
    istionojr ·

    splendid how-to-fix, your explanation is advance. salute!

  4. ehmahh
    ehmahh ·

    @tesatscad damn i failed at this, i did it all and re assembled fine, apparently, but not the advancing wheel wont turn, and i cant figure why?!

  5. ehmahh
    ehmahh ·

    wooo fixed it now!

  6. tesatscad
    tesatscad ·

    @ehmahh great to hear that you fixed your lc-a.

  7. mtahirocak
    mtahirocak ·

    i did all. but when i cock arm, and release, shutter is not open. it just little move.

  8. jwbogers
    jwbogers ·

    Thanks! It worked for two of my lc-a's!

  9. trojak
    trojak ·

    Cool tutorial, but it still does not work :/

  10. crazy_little_red_riding_hood
    crazy_little_red_riding_hood ·

    you saved my new old lc-a... thank you so much!!!

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