Draw on Your Negatives


In a dark room, remove the reel frame, draw to your liking and re-roll. The result depends on your ability to draw in the dark!


  • Negative film
  • An analogue camera
  • A permanent marker (one or more, any color)


  1. Go in a dark room. If the room is not quite dark, you will still get strange effects on your film and it can make your photos more interesting.
  2. Grab your spool and unroll making sure that no light enters.
  3. Grab your pen and do little drawings or writing on the film.
  4. Insert all the film in the case.
  5. Now shoot!

Let yourself be surprised by the results!

2012-02-21 #gear #tutorials #film #paint #tipster #markers #draw #paint-film


  1. mikeydavies
    mikeydavies ·

    would it be that if you were to use a green pen it would come out as red as it is negative? and when you scan it turns to positive?

  2. ianaggie
    ianaggie ·

    I wonder what would happen if you used a dry erase marker then prior to processing wiped the film clean? could be an interesting experiment

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