Simone Savo's First Impressions of the Lomomatic 110 Camera

Analogue photographer and Lomo Connoisseur @simonesavo recently got the chance to test our brand new Lomomatic 110 camera. He explored beautiful Rome with the pocket-sized camera and a range of Lomography 110 film. Let's check out his results and read about his first impressions!

© Simone Savo - Lomomatic 110 + Expired Color Tiger 110 ISO 200 film

Hi Simone, welcome back! What were your first impressions when you received our brand new Lomomatic 110 camera to test?

Hi guys it's a pleasure! The first thing I thought was "wow finally a new analogue camera!" I was doubly surprised to learn that it was a 110 format camera, unfortunately these types of cameras are very underrated.

What feature did you like the most?

This new product has aroused a lot of curiosity in me, perhaps the most important feature in my opinion is the introduction of a premium 23 mm Minitar CX glass lens, automatic exposure, and the ability to adjust the focus and ISO. These features make it a really good pocket camera.

© Simone Savo - Lomomatic 110 + Lobster Redscale 110 ISO 200 film

What do you think of its design?

Aesthetically, the camera is very simple but at the same time well designed, in fact it's a reminiscent of the classic 110 format cameras of the 1970s, but with significant improvements that I mentioned earlier. It is very interesting to have the possibility of choosing two different editions: the Metal and Golden Gate. The first, as the name suggests, is covered in metal while the second is made of durable plastic with ivory and orange colours; I literally fell in love with this second edition.

© Simone Savo - Lomomatic 110 + Expired Color Tiger 110 ISO 200 film

What do you think of the results you got?

Shooting with a new camera is always an exciting experience, but it can also generate some 'first roll' anxiety, i.e. the worry of having set all the parameters and focus correctly. Personally, my biggest fear is that my fingers will end up in front of the lens! Fortunately, in this first test, none of this happened! However, in the first few photos, I forgot to adjust the correct focusing distance, resulting in some slightly blurred photos. Nevertheless, I am very satisfied with the results.

© Simone Savo - Lomomatic 110 + Lobster Redscale 110 ISO 200 film

What are your favourite photos and why?

As mentioned earlier, I wanted to test this camera in different situations, mainly using it as I would with an iPhone. Among the photos I liked the most were definitely those taken with the Redscale and Metropolis film.

© Simone Savo - Lomomatic 110

I used the Redscale to capture the EUR buildings, especially the Colosseo Quadrato. As for the Metropolis film, I took pictures in various parts of Rome, from the Colosseum area to Conca d'Oro, especially around sunset. I avoided using the flash in most cases and was pleasantly surprised by the capabilities of the camera even in these low light conditions.

© Simone Savo - Lomomatic 110 + LomoChrome Metropolis 110 ISO 100–400 film

This was certainly not the first time you have shot with this format. Those who follow you will already know that your extensive camera collection also includes a Fisheye Baby. What do you like about this mini format?

Exactly! In my collection there are several 110 format cameras, in addition to the Fisheye Baby there is also the Diana Baby. I like to use these cameras because of their practicality and ease of use. They are fun to use to capture unusual and creative perspectives.

Does your creative process change when you shoot with 110 cameras?

I generally use different cameras and formats depending on what I want to achieve. With the 110s I enjoy "stealing" the everyday life around me a bit like a good spy would.

© Simone Savo - Lomomatic 110 + Color Tiger 110 ISO 200 film

What kind of photography do you think this camera is most suitable for?

Being a small camera, I left it in my jacket pocket and, when needed, I would take it out, load it and in 1 second I would be ready to shoot. I would use it to capture everyday life, kind of what we do everyday with the iPhone.

What does the release of new film cameras in 2024 mean to you?

In the last few years we are experiencing a renaissance of analogue photography, I'm not just talking about brands investing in new cameras and films like Lomography does for example, I'm talking about the level of interest from the younger generation. Every day I get contacted by many young people who have never seen film cameras but are interested in this type of photography, who want to learn how to develop film or are tired of emulating film with various apps and want something more real. All this is very interesting because maybe something is moving in a positive direction.

© Simone Savo - Lomomatic 110 + Color Tiger 110 ISO 200 film

Do you have any upcoming projects you would like to share with our Community?

At the moment I am working on the third edition of the analogue photo competition I created some time ago, the theme is always about Film Swap. If you don't know what it's about, come and have a look on my Instagram profile. You will also find trivia about the analogue world, film soup recipes and reviews of analogue products. I'll be waiting for you.

Follow Simone on his LomoHome and on his Instagram profile. The Lomomatic 110 is now available in our Online Shop.

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