Yoshitaka Goto's First Impressions of Our New LomoChrome Color '92 ISO 400 Film


Yoshitaka Goto, a.k.a Gocchin, is dedicated to shooting film in creative and unique ways. This time, with his trusty Lomo LC-A+, he shot a roll of our very brand-new LomoChrome Color '92 ISO 400 (35 mm) film. Let's dive into Gocchin's world and hear his thoughts in this interview.

© Gocchin

Hi Gocchin, can you tell us about the concept for this shoot?

I was told this film has a unique blue color palette so I decided to create melancholic vibes.

What do you think about the results?

This film had a blue tone and it reminded me of a tungsten film. It was sunny when I shot this film so I tried shooting both under the sun and in the shadow. Under sunlight this film has a hint of blue and a bit of a desaturated feel. I also discovered the film has strong contrast that made my LC-A+'s vignetting quite visible. On the other hand, the blue became stronger under the shadow. I guess you get stronger blue if you don't have direct sunlight coming into the scene.

I shot a few frames at night, which also turned out blue-ish. And I noticed that the red is not as strong as other regular color films.

© Gocchin

Do you have a favourite photo taken with this film?

The one with both models standing in front of a big white wall. The trees created dynamic shadows on the wall. While it shows strong contrast, with the desaturated look it became like a movie scene. I also like the one where one of the models is lying on the leaves. The leaves were a much more vibrant yellow, but the yellow faded and created a melancholic feel.

© Gocchin

What do you like most about the LomoChrome Color '92 film ?

The colors are not as unique as other LomoChrome films, but this film lets you enjoy different color rendering depending on the scene you shoot. Also you get a cinematic look with this film.

© Gocchin

What do you think is the perfect situation for shooting this film?

As I said, if you want strong blues in your photos, try to avoid direct sunlight. If you want a desaturated, melancholic and cinematic feel, I advise you to shoot outdoors. You can get more ideal results if you pay more attention to neutral colors rather than primary colors.

How do you feel about a new color negative film being on the market?

It makes me so happy! While every year major companies shrink their film lineup, having a new choice of film is really wonderful. Lomography especially has a wide variety of unique films, and this is what makes film photography fun. Digital can't achieve this experience.

© Gocchin

What are your hopes for the future of film photography?

This is a really hard question. I hope film will stay forever. Film is "retrograde" in this it's-all-about-efficiency world. Now we can check in at a hotel with a machine, and robots serve you food at restaurants. Film is exactly the opposite of what we do today. Film photography involves face-to-face communication. We can't expect film to be what it was at its peak, but at least I hope film will help to keep human communication alive.

Thank you to Gocchin for sharing his thoughts with us. Check out more of his photography at his LomoHome, Instagram and website.

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