Self-expression, Self Love and Human Connection: an Interview with Sheena Diolle

Sheena Diolle shares her thoughts about freedom of self-expression, self love and human connection. Check out her amazing portraits shot with the Berlin Kino 400 ISO film.

© Sheena Diolle

Hi Sheena, could you introduce yourself to the readers of our Online Magazine?

Hi! I’m Sheena, 36 and from Kent in the UK, but I have been living in Spain for about 7 years now. Aside from being a photographer, I also work for a visual asset production and management startup called BOOM!

© Sheena Diolle

Tell us about your photographic background. When did you start photographing?

My interest in photography started when I was very young. My Dad (who sadly passed away this year), was really into photography. He always had a camera in his hand. So, when the opportunity arose to get involved in the world of photography I took it, starting as a model at first.

I signed to an agency and I spent the whole of my 20s in photography studios, not only modeling but also assisting, and on a couple of occasions dabbling in art direction and post-production. It's one of the only things I have been incredibly passionate about! I also worked in a fine art gallery in London, which further exposed me to artists, photographers and like-minded individuals, which made me want to create even more.

So, when the opportunity finally came around to spend more time shooting and exploring my creativity, it happened to be when I moved to Barcelona. I bought an analogue camera from a second hand shop, as I wanted to start from the very beginning and follow in my Dad's footsteps. I ended up teaching myself the fundamentals of manual shooting before moving to instant and then finally digital. It has only been within the past few years that I have taken the leap and pushed my work further, and I have had the pleasure of working with some awesome people, models and brands.

© Sheena Diolle

These wonderful photos were taken with the Berlin B&W Film. What are the features that impressed you the most?

I love the softness of this film and how it works with strong sunlight. It gives every shot a really dream-like feel. One thing I also love about the Berlin B&W Film is how it creates a gorgeous cinematic effect, which is one of my favorite effects when taking portraits as it really adds depth to the photograph and enables the viewer to create a story about each photograph.

What was your idea behind this photo series?

I specialize in portraits and editorial shoots. For me, one of the things I particularly love is freedom of self-expression, and people who are not afraid to express themselves in the way they look and carry themselves. This series portrays the idea of human connection and individuality. Human connection, in love and friendship and self love - the individuality.

© Sheena Diolle

Which camera did you use for these photos?

For this shoot I used one of the first cameras I ever bought, a Yashica FX-3 2000.

How do you decide whether to shoot with Analogue or Digital?

It mostly depends on the creative brief. Normally, headshots or for shoots that need a quick, clean edit and fast turnaround, I will use digital or if it is a large project for a brand. On the other hand, with projects that have a looser creative brief, I prefer to use analogue and edit much less.

What photo equipment do you always take with you on your travels?

I always have my Yashica FX-3 and my iPhone when I travel. I usually don't tend to take any digital equipment when going on a trip!

© Sheena Diolle

Do you have any interesting projects or collaborations planned?

This is a good question! Since my Dad passed a few months ago, I have put everything on hold but slowly starting to open my calendar up for new projects. I started a series called Ink on Film and have done two series from this so far, I would love to continue on to a series three and exhibit these. The series explores tattooed people in Barcelona and is shot on film. So, watch this space!

Follow Sheena on her Instagram profile and check out her website to see all her works.

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