Urban Sightseeing for the Street Shooter: Tokyo

Street photography is one of the most popular genres today, and it can all be repetitive. It doesn't have to be. The secret to great street photography is by getting to know the cityscape and culture, and in Tokyo, there's much to learn. We present to you some of the distinct qualities of Tokyo.

Ahh, Tokyo. Almost every corner of this city is a photo shoot waiting to happen. There’s a lot from Japanese culture to learn, and it’s by far one of the most interesting cities to be. Don’t just be a traveler — be a documentarian. Be a part of it. Here we round up some spots that the street photographer may want to explore.

Harajuku fashion

There is fashion — the one that we are familiar with consisting of luxurious names. And then there is Harajuku fashion. Do not mistake Harajuku fashion to be a singular genre — it’s actually a genre of many branches, and the street photographer in you will take delight of the diversity.You have the visual kei, decora, Lolita fashion, bosozoku (or, the biker fashion), Mori girl fashion, genderless kei, oji-girl style, and the various subgenres of gyaru and kei. Don’t ask us what these terms are, find them out for yourself!

Moreover, there's a kaleidoscope-like building there that's just waiting to be visited, the Tokyo Plaza Omotesando Harajuku.

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Tsukiji Market

One of the coolest yet underrated places many photographers miss out is the vast fish market in Tsukiji. Early morning tuna? You have them here. One thing you will probably love here is the variety of counters, buyers and sellers preparing the fish, fish auctions, and other exotic seafood.

Tsukiji Market is one of the largest fish markets in the world. It is also home to the famous early morning tuna auctions. The busy atmosphere here is a one of a kind experience, and one of the more underrated photo spots.

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ザ・スクランブル , or the Scramble Shibuya Crossing

This is probably a typical, tourist-friendly place to visit, but The Scramble in Shibuya Crossing is a daily event you will not want to miss. It’s a must-have shot. The tricky part is how to get an amazing shot of it. Tokyo Cheapo has a list of the best spots to shoot the place. For an overhead shot, head over to the walkway between Shibuya Station to Shibuya Mark City. For a classic shot, head over to Starbucks. Though, be aware that most of the people here are doing the same thing as you are. If you have money to splurge, you have two options -- the 25th floor of Excel Hotel Tokyu, or the 11th floor of the new Hikarie Building.

You can also avert your attention from the pedestrian lane and look at the pedestrians themselves -- there'll be a lot of salarymen walking across.

Next: you probably have also watched the movie Hachiko — both the Japanese and the Western version. You should drop by and pay your respects to the revered Shiba inu. Also, take notice of how it’s a favorite meeting spot among young friends and lovers.

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Alleybars of Shinjuku

The "real stuff" happens in the red light district, and it goes the same with Tokyo. Look no farther than Shinjuku, the downtown ward full of neon lights, maze-like alleyways, and numerous izakayas. The confusing turns when walking through the area is one of the best places to capture the very essence of Japanese nightlife. You will also find a lot of salarymen in izakayas. Hey, feel free to experiment, but if you're at loss, you might just want to try these.

And if you're done with the maze, be sure to drop by the camera retailers there, located at the Shinjuku Station area.

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