Lomomatic 110 – The Perfect Travel Companion

Hit the road! This is our motto for the new Lomomatic 110 Camera & Flash Metal. Getting around these days is best done by traveling light. With little room to fit all your belongings, having a camera that saves you precious space is every globetrotter's wish.

Compact yet versatile, the Lomomatic 110 is the perfect fit for a seasoned traveler looking for a camera that can accompany them on any adventure and will deliver great results, without worrying about losing a shot.

Photo by Elisa Parrino

Latched at your wrist, this camera's satisfying sliding mechanism means you can be ready to snap away in a second, taking your photography experience to a whole new level. With this camera at your side, simply slide, click, and never miss a moment! Just enjoy framing memories in your favorite film.

Exchange it with your friends, and let everyone experience the thrill of shooting with film. No need to be a photography master – the automatic exposure will do the hard work for you.

And if you think this camera is only for daytime use you'll be amazed at its transformable ability. Attach your flash to the side and let its mighty power light up your night.

Photo by Elisa Parrino

Are you madly in love with LomoChrome films? Every stock is available in 110 sizes. No compromises and no limitations. We have believed in this pocket film format since 2012. Just because it's smaller, we won't leave you without a choice of film.

If you're into experimentation we've got you covered too! Switch to multiple exposure mode or play with the colorful gel flash filters, and don't be afraid to make your wildest ideas come true. The more you feed your creativity, the more you will push the boundaries of what is possible. We can't wait to see what will come out of this tiny force of photographic brilliance.

Grab your Lomomatic 110 Camera in our Shop.

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Lomomatic 110

Lomomatic 110

Your passport to adventure; hit the road with the sharpest, most creative pocket-sized camera on Earth. With a sophisticated metal body featuring a powerful glass lens & advanced creative features plus a detachable flash, your 110 journey starts now!

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