Event Recap: Welcoming Lomography’s Instant Era in the Philippines with Satchmi and Filmfolk

Last month, Lomography Philippines partnered with Satchmi and Filmfolk to teach beginners and enthusiasts the basics of instant photography and its experimental possibilities through our LomoSchool workshop.

Credit: Jose Dela Peña

It was a Saturday of instant fun as attendees gathered at Satchmi’s SM Megamall store. Kicking off the workshop, we first gave an overview of instant photography: instant as a medium, what films it uses, instant dos and donts, and basic tips and tricks on storage and maintenance. We also covered each of our Lomo’Instant camera's features, differences, and the situations that best call for a particular Lomo’Instant camera.

Credit: Jose Dela Peña

Here at Lomography, we believe that there’s more to instant photography than having a point-and-shoot that delivers immediate results. Which is why we explored topics specific to the features of Lomo’Instant cameras, such as getting sharp photos through zone focusing, remote shooting, exposure control, and multiple exposure. These were important to discuss because our instant cameras cover all the basic and automatic functions, but with more versatility and creative features.

Additionally, we also spoke about the lesser known, but often dealt with frustration of parallax error (ie. the inaccurate framing of a shot due to the non-linking of your viewfinder with your lens) and how to work around this!

Afterwards, we went in-depth on experimental topics for the instant medium: using our cameras’ different lens attachments, mastering layering with multiple exposure, embroidering your instant shots, bulb mode, masking, and so much more.

Credit: Jose Dela Peña (excld.: instant photos)

An understated allure of instant photography is that it will be your biggest enabler for you to experiment with analogue photography. While it’s true that people get into the instant film format for its convenience in the realm of film cameras, users often find out that instants are a great way to practice and experiment with analogue photography because its immediate results allow you to figure out what works much faster.

Credit: Jose Dela Peña

After the lecture portion of the workshop, attendees ate the delicious food at Satchmi’s cafe. While eating, they socialized and got to try out our Lomo’Instant cameras themselves. We then gave them a challenge. Participants had to recreate any three of our chosen album covers (records we picked up from Satchmi’s vinyl store): “The Best of Sade” by Sade, “Out of Our Heads” by The Rolling Stones, and “Worlds Apart” by Saga. Each album made great options for participants to apply what they’ve learned.

“Super fun event! I’m so glad I got a slot because this [workshop] was like no other. As someone who does film, I've always wondered how instant cameras work—so this event was really insightful. Love how we got to see the [Lomo’Instant] cameras up close and learn about their features. I also love how we were able to freely use and experiment with them,” shared participant Tin Dominguez.

Here’s some photos of the workshop participants holding 1) an instant photo they took during the event which they are most proud of and 2) the Lomo’Instant camera they used to take the shot!

Credit: Marga Magalong

Lomography Philippines would like to thank everyone who attended and our event partners Satchmi and Filmfolk. Located in 4th floor SM Megamall, Satchmi is an analogue lifestyle store that offers products on film photography, vinyl, and coffee. They’ve been a longtime partner of Lomography for the Philippines. You can also find our products in their online film retail shop, Filmfolk.

If you missed the workshop, stay connected with us by following Lomography Philippines on Instagram and Facebook. You can also join our Official Facebook Group for early event announcements and other group-exclusive perks!

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