First Impressions of the Lomography F2/400 Color Negative Film by Bea Dewhurst

Lomography UK were lucky enough to be given a few rolls of Lomography F2/400 Color Negative film to test out before the launch. We gave a roll to our wholesale manager Bea Dewhurst who took some shots of her favourite things.

Briefly introduce yourself to the lomography community.

Hi! My name is Bea. I look after the Lomography wholesale accounts for the UK & Ireland. I like cats and tea.

What camera did you choose to shoot this film on and why?

I shot this on my Canon FTb with a 50mm lens. My FTb is my old faithful and as we were testing out a film, I was confident that I would get a good result!

What did you end up shooting with the film?

I had planned to use it up down at Herne Bay in Kent but I didn't get the chance! So I took some shots of my friend Sophia illustrating the Soho store window in Soho, London, and mainly lots of my cat Mills.

How did you find the results?

My results were lovely. The shots came out so warm and crisp, but with a lovely dreamy feel.

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