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  • Great Musician and Lomographer, LEE Sangsoon Shoots with LC-A

    2010-07-25 #people
    Great Musician and Lomographer, LEE Sangsoon Shoots with LC-A

    Great guitarist of a Korean acid jazz group 'Rollarcoster', LEE Sangsoon is came back with new album called 'Day off' of 'Verandah project', made with another artist. He is very well known as film camera's lover, mainly Lomographer since early 2000. LGS Seoul host his LC-A photo-exhibition during July and this is LomoAmigos interview we can see what he's thinking and shooting with his LC-A.

  • Kimchi season in Korea

    written by yungstone3 on 2011-12-15
    Kimchi season in Korea

    Have you ever heard of Kimchi pizza, pasta or Kimchi burger? If you don't already know, Everybody in Korea loves Kimchi!!! It is spicy like the life!! Starts with the finest natural produce in the world home grown to reflect the flavor of its people.

  • eSport Stadium Seoul

    written by wil6ka on 2009-03-09 #places
    eSport Stadium Seoul

    If it comes to gaming how can't neglect Asia. Especially Korea is big in Gaming. And basically their industry is built on it. eSport is the big thing, with own channels and stadiums...

  • Seoul Palace: Royal Guard Changing Ceremony

    written by wil6ka on 2012-02-27 #places
    Seoul Palace: Royal Guard Changing Ceremony

    A palace is a spectacular sight in every corner of the world. But sometimes the events around the monument have that special edge, that make it a unique lomographic location.

  • Mt.Inwangsan – the Green/Holy/Touristy/Millitary Hill

    written by wil6ka on 2012-07-03 #places
    Mt.Inwangsan – the Green/Holy/Touristy/Millitary Hill

    The construction of the lomographic guide of Seoul is gaining pace and content. And so I thought I should pull out a merry old location to join the jam. A few years back on my first stay in Seoul, I discovered a green mountain in the middle of a city made of concrete and steel. Mount Iwangsan is a big city delight with a lot of incentives and shamanic ghosts.