Marce's Summer Adventures with the Sprocket Rocket

What better time to shoot the Sprocket Rocket 35 mm Panoramic Camera than during your travels? The Sprocket Rocket's magic makes sure not a single moment goes uncaptured. Busan-based film photographer Marce takes us back to summer and a trip filled with beautiful scenery and memorable moments caught on this wonderful wide-angle camera.

© Marce , Sprocket Rocket

Hello and Lomography Magazine! Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi, I'm Marce, and I take film photos as a hobby in Busan, South Korea.

How was your experience using the panoramic Sprocket Rocket?

Unlike regular photos, the panorama portrays a more vivid image of what I actually see in front of my eyes. The Sprocket Rocket also captures the sprocket holes unlike other cameras, so it photographs a wider vertical view to take in more of the landscape. Also, others have commented that the sprocket holes add a unique and beautiful touch to my photos.

© Marce , Sprocket Rocket

What do you think about the exposed sprocket holes?

Nowadays you get to see a lot of digital scans of photographs on social media rather than on print, and the sprocket holes give it a stronger 'film' identity, even on a tiny screen. I think it's a charming feature because it captures the desired landscape wholly with virtually no space wasted. Not to mention you could see which film was used since the sprocket holes contain information about the film, so that's another plus.

© Marce , Sprocket Rocket

Do you have any memorable moments from the shoot?

I went to the observatory in Tokyo to see the view at night during the rainiest season. Obviously I was not expecting to see any good results so decided to use multiple exposure to get clearer results. When I checked the results, I was surprised to find a photo with two overlapping images of the Tokyo tower. It's my favourite photo because it highlights the versatility of the Sprocket Rocket's features, including the ability to take multiple-exposure photos.

© Marce , Sprocket Rocket

Do you have any advice or tips for first-time users of the Sprocket Rocket?

When I was getting familiar with it, I often made the mistake of covering the lens accidentally because the viewfinder and the lens' locations are different, so this is something to be aware of. Also, this mismatch between the viewfinder and the lens leaves room for error when you try to angle the shot through the viewfinder, so I suggest shooting with a bit of a carefree mindset, because the composition may be slightly different to what you see through the viewfinder.

© Marce , Sprocket Rocket

Do you have any upcoming projects in the works that you would like to share with the community?

I heard that Lomography has released a new film , so I'm planning on taking some photos with it during my summer vacation. My hobby is taking photos in my day-to-day ordinary life, but I'd also like to continue taking photos that others can relate to and feel good about.

We call on the Lomography community to take the Sprocket Rocket along on your travels! If you're curious to see what Marce has been up to, check out and follow his instagram !

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