Around the World in Analogue: South Korea on Lomography Color Negative 100 Film


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Today, Carla Dief looks back on her recent trip in South Korea shot with our Color Negative 100 ISO 35 mm film. Check all the stunning photos and discover her experience through her words.

Name: Carla Dief
Social Media: carladief_
Film: Lomography Color Negative 100 ISO 35 mm film
Location: South Korea (Seoul, Busan, Jeju Island)

© Carla Dief
This trip came as a surprise to my sister and me. We both really wanted to visit South Korea so we planned everything and went there. Once there, we visited Seoul, Busan and Jeju Island.

Compared to much of the world, South Korea only opened up quite recently post-pandemic, and it’s without doubt an interesting time to visit the country, with a newly elected right-wing government, and many other changes occurring.

One very small but interesting change is the decision to break a long-held tradition whereby babies are considered a year old on the day they are born. Not only this, but another year is ordinarily added on New Year’s Day, which can make a person’s Korean age two years older than their “international age.” With the country now reverting to the same system as most of the world, Korean citizens in 2023 are officially going to get younger.

In South Korea 2023 is also the year of the black rabbit. In Korean culture many people will consider the significance of the year’s animal when making important decisions about careers, finances and relationships. The rabbit is said to symbolize luck and prosperity, something I'm sure we would all appreciate more of this year!

© Carla Dief
South Korea in general is beautiful, but without a doubt Seoul is the place where you can see and do the most. So that's where we spent most of our time. For a person who doesn't live there, everything is very visually stimulating and it's definitely a paradise for street photography.

There’s so much to see and do in Seoul that however long you spend in the city, you’re sure to wish you had more time. There are beautiful royal palaces such as Changdeokgung Palace, a multitude of galleries and museums to explore, or simply wander the streets, take photos, and treat yourself to the incredible street food from the city’s many night markets!

Busan is a bustling coastal city located on the southeastern tip of the Korean Peninsula. It is the second largest city in South Korea and perhaps best known worldwide for the Busan International Film Festival which is held every autumn.

Finally, Carla visited Jeju island - South Korea’s largest island and its only self-governing province. It’s one of the most popular destinations for tourists, especially for surfers and divers who flock to its beaches.

I'm already looking forward to going back because I feel like I didn't take all the pictures I wanted to.
© Carla Dief

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  1. photoforest
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    wow, you wrote good things about my mother country! thank you so much! i wish you will visit again and take photos that you wanted!!

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