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If it comes to gaming how can’t neglect Asia. Especially Korea is big in Gaming. And basically their industry is built on it. eSport is the big thing, with own channels and stadiums…

Gaming is huge in Korea and e-Sport an official Sport. There are Pro-Gamers earning loads and being star and there are TV-Channels broadcasting games all of the time. There have even be finals of the very Korean Game Starcraft, which have been watched by over 100.000 people, who paid for their entrance.

This is very much comparable to a huge music festival in Europe. As there is this great need for showing the games they came up with the worlds first e-Sport stadium! It is a flat building on top of a huge department store (hence shopping is the second biggest passion of the South-Koreans). It is not gigantic, since it mainly serves the perfect conditions of broadcasting. So you have a big stage and a hall for spectators. While I was there they had the national finals for the WCG, the World Cyber Games. But after one show has been captured they are rebuilding the whole studio for another show. So, if you stick around you can witness various competitions and even see yourself at night in a big show in TV. There is also a Hall of Fame with the greatest Korean e-Sportsmen and a board, where fans can write their wishes to their idols. I reckon it is pretty much comparable to the Idol-Shows in the west, only we are talking about Gaming.

The building itself is quite interesting. You can approach it from the inside, through the 9th floor using an escalator, which gives you great views. Or you come from the roof-side. This is really nice, because the letters of the stadium are illuminated at night, you might have trouble with the security-guys, because they are often suspicious if you are taking photos. Do it anyway. The best part is, there are almost constantly events taking place at the site. I didn´t really see anyone pulling a ticket, so I guess the shows are for free. Maybe you have to contact one of the TV-shows, though. Or it is the rule: Who comes first, serves first. The stadium is in the 9th floor at the I-Park Mall in Yongsan, Seoul. You can take the tube there.

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    The escalator is incredible...

  2. eyecon
    eyecon ·

    This esport thing is really growing so big....

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