Halina Vision CXAS (Compact Camera)

A compact camera made around 1990-1993, a member of the “Halina Vision” models.

Halina Vision C XAS is a 35mm film camera with autofocus, autoflash, small aperture, red-eye reduction, DX decoding, motorwind, and a single shutter speed of around 1/125 – 1/500 (I’m not really sure, ’cause I do not have manuals of this camera). The camera was given to my father by my uncle years ago. I remember the camera took only one roll of film and after that my mother kept it safe. Last December 2010-the month I started shooting on film, I asked my father to look for it somewhere in our things, and thank God it was okay.

After my New Year’s vacation with family, I went to a camera doctor to have it checked. The camera doctor told me to load one CR123A battery instead of two AAA, and that’s it, the start of another journey.

What I do not like about this camera is the autoflash, I think it’s better with a on/off button for it. In daylight I cover the flash with a hanky or my hand. (sample below)

Over all, a good compact camera for shooting people and activities.

Film: Fujicolor YKL 100

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