Afternoons with the LomoApparat - Photo Gallery by @bnjmn


Since its release in October 2022, we've had hundreds of community members upload photos taken with the creative and experimental LomoApparat. From night scenes and weekend hangouts to lazy days with friends and important celebrations – we've seen them all!

Or so we thought. In today's gallery, we're looking at photos captured by community member @bnjmn taken on different afternoons using the LomoApparat and various film stocks.

Credits: bnjmn

With almost no people in sight in the photos, and seemingly similar landmarks captured on separate afternoons using the camera, we couldn't help but think that community member @bnjmn brought a unique and nostalgic twist to the LomoApparat. Especially as it's a camera that one could think is perfect for fast-paced, action-packed scenarios such as a night out or a summer trip in the tropics. Instead, all of the photos were taken in Warnemünde, a seaside district in Rostock, Mecklenburg located north of Germany.

Credits: bnjmn

@Bnjmn chose his subjects sparsely, and in many frames across the three albums dedicated to the place, we see some of the same attractions such as the Teepott building and Warnemünde lighthouse and beach, taken using film stocks that set the mood for each album, including a Revolog Paper film, a Wolfen NC500 and LomoChrome Turquoise.

The repetition makes us think of things that are constant and beyond our control, and how within this space film photography allows us to capture moments that remind ourselves of our own transitory presence.

It also makes us think about the artists' conscious choices, from choosing which film to pair with the LomoApparat, to which path to follow on one day and then another.

Credits: bnjmn

It's as if each photo says, I was here.

In some photos there is a lighthouse, in others a basketball ring on a beach absent of players. Two empty benches, beaches again empty of visitors. Despite the solitude and empty spaces, it is also one of the many intriguing ways to test a wide-angle experimental camera like the LomoApparat.

Credits: bnjmn

We're sure there will be more one-of-a-kind photos taken with the LomoApparat to be uploaded by our community members soon, and for these we'd like to thank @bnjmn for sharing with us glimpses of his quiet afternoons with the camera!

Is photography a part of your afternoon routine? Where would you take a camera like the LomoApparat? Share it with us below!

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  1. polaroidlove
    polaroidlove ·

    If I had the Apparat, I'd take it up into the hills near where I live. 😊

  2. sylvann
    sylvann ·

    Sounds interesting @polaroidlove !

  3. polaroidlove
    polaroidlove ·

    Thank you @sylvann. 😊

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