Making Poetic Panorama Images with Nikon Zoom 310 AF


I started playing film cameras with a Holga 120, but the trial and error process really set me back. So I tried some point and shoot film camera.

Naturally, I went to an auction website to look for some affordable types. After some comparisons, I bought a Nikon Zoom 310 AF for NT$500 ($17). I soon loaded with some film I found in shops and experiment with it.
This camera is solid and trustworthy. I can always take pictures that almost resembles what I had imagined in mind. Another special feature that I love is that I can push the panorama panels to shoot panorama pictures. Scenes in “panorama” is just more poetic that those shot in normal mode.
This camera has Flash ON/OFF, Infinity focus, Red-eye Reduction, Timer, and Quartz Date capabilities. I have used this camera to shoot many pictures and I think it is definitely worthy of the price.

Pictures without Panorama panels:

Pictures with Panorama panels:

written by blowpufferfish on 2010-12-29 #gear #review #nikon #panorama #reviews #film-camera #user-review #nikon-zoom-310-af


  1. dyluzo
    dyluzo ·

    Nice review ! Does it take regular 35mm film or APS ?

  2. blowpufferfish
    blowpufferfish ·

    Thanks dyluzo. This sturdy camera uses regular 35mm films for its ammunition!

  3. merrymurry
    merrymurry ·

    Hello! I recently acquired this camera and I'm playing with this. Do you happen to have a manual? Also, I noticed your photos doesn't have a date embedded on it, but you have the QD version, can the date settings be turned off? Hope to hear from you soon, as I am quite in the dark with this. Haha!

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